Aerial shot of construction of Echucha Regeneration Project


For more information on specific programs, please click the links below:

Funding and grants programs:
Children’s Capital Grants Program
Inclusive Schools Fund
Inclusive Kindergarten​s Facilities Program​
Non-Government School Grants Program
Shared Facilities Fund.​

Statewide Reform Programs:
Greener Government Buildings Program​
Victorian School Asbestos Removal Program
Permanent Modular School Buildings Program


Every Victorian child deserves access to a great school that prepares them to thrive in the 21st century. The Victorian School Building Authority is managing the education construction boom that will help ensure that.

We are a division of the Department of Education and Training, established in 2016, to oversee the design and construction of new schools and early childhood centres, as well as the modernisation and upgrade of existing ones.

The Victorian Government has committed $2.8 billion for these infrastructure projects as part of its Education State reforms.

We are a team made up of building experts, project managers, architects and specialists in relocatable buildings, community engagement and asbestos removal.

We’ve put Victoria at the cutting-edge of school design, and we innovate in everything we do. As well as reforming schools, we are transforming neighbourhoods by including sport, cultural and other facilities that can be shared with the wider community.

We have a dedicated team that removes asbestos from school buildings, and we manage an emergency maintenance program that responds to unforeseen issues and natural disasters. Our new generation of relocatable buildings can be moved from one school to another to assist in these situations, and also help us manage enrolment fluctuations.​​​

We also run a number of grant programs for schools and early childhood centres: Children’s Capital Grants Program; Inclusive Schools Fund; Non-Government School Grants Program; and Shared Facilities Fund. ​


Chris Keating, Chief Executive Officer

Chris is leading the planning and delivery of the State Government’s record investment in Victorian schools and early childhood centres.

He oversaw the delivery of 10 new state-of-the-art schools in 2017, with another 11 due to open this year. A further 35 schools are in the planning stage.

Before being appointed CEO of the VSBA in 2016, Chris led the Infrastructure and Sustainability Division at the Department of Education and Training and has more than nine years’ experience delivering public school building projects in Victoria.

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Phone: 1800 896 950