​​​​​​​​​​​​As part of $61 million suite of inclusive education initiatives, the Inclusive Kindergartens Facilities Program provides $6.4 million to upgrade early childhood infrastructure and equipment – including playgrounds – across the state and provide grants to allow kinders to provide safe and more inclusive environments.   

The program aims to:

  • increase engagement and improve learning outcomes for children with disabilities or additional needs through strengthening inclusive early childhood learning environments;
  • promote inclusion in early childhood learning settings and teaching approaches that are tailored to the needs of all learners on the same basis, including those with disabilities or additional needs; and
  • create innovative early childhood learning environments based on inclusive best practice and universal design.

The program is split into two funding streams:

  • $4 million: Inclusive Kindergartens Facilities Program - Buildings and Playgrounds (IKFP-B&P)
  • $2.4 million: Inclusive Kindergartens Facilities Program – Equipment (IKFP-E)

Who can apply?

The following entities offering a State Government-funded and registered kindergarten program:

  • Local governments
  • Not-for profit community organisations that are a legal entity  (for example an incorporated association, incorporated cooperative or Indigenous corporation)​

  • Government schools
  • Non-government schools registered with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority or Catholic Education Commission of Victoria

What will be funded?

Inclusive Kindergartens Facilities Program - Buildings and Playgrounds (IKFP-B&P):

  • The fund is available for projects ranging in cost from $15,000 to $200,000.  The total value of the project may not exceed $200,000.

Inclusive Kindergartens Facilities Program – Equipment (IKFP-E)

  • Funding is available for projects from $2,000 to $10,000. The total value of the project may not exceed $10,000.​


 Inclusive Kindergartens Facilities ​​Pr​​ogram ​Guidelines (Word)​

Where can I apply?​

Applicants for both the Buildings and Playgrounds and Equipment streams must apply online through the SmartyGrants system at https://vsba.smartygrants.com.au.


FAQs - Inclusive Kindergartens Facilities Program ​- Buildings and Playgrounds (Word)​

FAQs - Inclusive Kindergartens Facilities Prog​ram ​- Eq​uipment (Word)​​​​​

When do applications close?

·      Applications to the Equipment Stream Round 2 will close on 11 May 2018

·      Applications to the Buildings and Playgrounds stream will close 30 April 2018​

Where can I get further details?


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