Construction Update

We recently received enquiries about dust from the construction site. In response we have reviewed our dust suppression plan to reduce the impact to neighbouring sites. As part of this plan, three water trucks will now be onsite to help contain dust for the remainder of the bulk excavation works.

To keep the community informed, regular construction updates will be published on our website at weekly construction update.


The new college will provide a much needed state-of-the-art school for 650 Year 7 to 12 students. It will have first-class community sporting facilities built in partnership with the Melbourne Cricket Club.

The project will revitalise a rundown site to create facilities and an outdoor environment that can be enjoyed by everyone for generations to come.

The school will open its doors to Year 7 students in Term 1, 2018. 




See below for a video interview with ClarkeHopkinsClarke architect, Wayne Stephens and Melbourne Cricket Club CEO, Stephen Gough.​

See below for a video of the old Sandringham College Beaumaris Campus being demolished to make way for the Beaumaris Secondary College. ​


​The architect for this project is ClarkeH​opkinsClar​ke. 


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The builder for this project is Ireland Brown Constructions. 

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The partnership with the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) will maximise the use of school facilities and provide significant education, economic and broader community benefits.

The development will comprise the following new sporting facilities:

  • Indoor competition-grade netball/basketball court
  • Outdoor courts
  • Senior Oval (160m x 145m)
  • Community Oval (140m x 115m)
  • Multi-Purpose Pitch (110m x 75m)
  • Pavilion ​

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Debby Chaves has been appointed as the principal.


The new principal will work with the Department of Education and Training's South East Victoria Regional Office to develop an enrolment plan. The initial enrolment will be for Year 7 only. Primary schools are responsible for ensuring each Year 6 student has a place in a secondary school for Year 7. The transition process will begin in Term 1 2017 through communication with local primary schools.

For any enquiries about enrolment for Year Seven in 2018, please contact:   ​

Debby Chaves
Phone: 0499 916 311

Beaumaris School Admissions.docx

Beaumaris School Admissions.pdf


Policies on enrolment placement, and admission are available on the Department of Education and Training website .​

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​Ireland Brown Constructions started work on site in late January 2017. Bulk excavation works are underway to prepare the ground for new underground services and irrigation systems to the ovals.  These works will continue until late June 2017 causing some dust disturbances to neighbouring areas.

Fencing is standard practice on construction sites to ensure public safety. There will be no public access while building works take place.


There have been some recent community enquiries about asbestos on the Beaumaris school site.  We would like to reassure the community that we have robust processes in place to safely manage asbestos removal on school sites, to ensure the safety of local residents and the wider community.

Asbestos pipework was identified during excavation works at the site. All asbestos containing material is being safely removed, transported and disposed of by a Class A Asbestos contractor, under the supervision of an Environmental Hygienist.  This is in strict accordance with the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Asbestos Regulations framework.

As a further precaution, air quality monitoring will take place during the excavation works. All results of air monitoring to date have been below the 0.01 fibres/ml detection limit which does not require any

additional measures under Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Asbestos Regulations.

If you have any questions or queries about the project please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or calling us on 1800 896 950. 


To deliver this essential community project, we are undertaking significant tree and vegetation replacement. We've made every effort to retain as much vegetation as possible. However, we have had to remove trees where construction impacts their roots structures, making them unsafe.

We will begin an extensive replanting program, with 508 new trees and more than 8000 smaller plants, in the final stage of construction.  

Environmental considerations are an important aspect of the project and are embedded in the school design, including the development of a wetland to provide educational opportunities. The proposed wetland also provides additional benefits such as increased biodiversity, stormwater management, and on-site drainage benefits for Longhollow Heathland. 

Beaumaris Secondary College – Proposed Design

Beaumaris Secondary College – Site map for assessed trees
Beaumaris Secondary College – Planting Plan

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A New School Planning Group made up of a cross section of government, parents, educational providers and the community met regularly throughout the design period, to provide advice to the Authority.

After further consultation with the community regarding impacts on existing vegetation and follow-up arborist investigations, we have revisited the school's design to retain 19 additional trees.

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Below are VSBA responses to further community recommendations and a Greenwood Consulting report (24 November 2016):

​Beaumaris S​chool ​​​Fact Sheet - Community Update & FAQs 

​Beaumaris S​chool ​​​Fact Sheet - ​​Com​​munity Update & FAQs

​​​​​Beaumaris Building Design.docx​

Beaumaris Building Design.pdf

Beaumaris New Sporting Facilities.docx

Beaumaris New Sporting Facilities.pdf

Beaumaris Environmental Impact Tree and Vegetation.docx

Beaumaris Environmental Impact Tree and Vegetation.pdf​​

Based on advice from the VSBA arborists and Greenwood Consulting, we are pleased to confirm additional trees to be retained are as follows:​

Beaumaris Secondary College Trees to be retained 

Beaumaris Secondary​ College Trees to be retained​

Beaumaris Secondary College - Original Arborist report completed by Tree Dimensions 

​Beaumaris Secondary College - Vegetation Retention Review by McLeod Trees 

Beaumaris Secondary College - Vegetation Assessment and Review by McLeod Trees 

Beaumaris Secondary C​ollege Tree Plan ​​​

 Rationale for Trees and Vegetation - During Early Works

Rationale for Trees and Vegetation - During Early Works

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If you have any queries about Beaumaris Secondary College, you can contact us: 

Victorian School Building Authority
Phone: 1800 896 950

​Join our maili​ng list​ to be provided with regular updates on the project.

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