​​​​Benalla was one of the first areas in Victoria to establish a school. The origins of this college date back to 1912, and it has provided high quality education for more than 100 years.

The $8.5 million investment in Benalla P-12, as part of the Education State reforms, will allow the development of new facilities on the Faithfull Street campus.  It will also bring the senior school (currently located at the Barkly Street campus) on to the site and demolish existing buildings that are no longer fit for purpose on the Avon Street campus.

The Victorian Government is committed to regional education. The Benalla P-12 building project will provide a welcome boost to the local economy together with a long term investment in education that will support local industry such as agriculture, manufacturing, and retail.

The Education State is investing in our future, transforming Victoria into a place where everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, is offered the best chance to thrive and prosper.  



Project Update

The project is progressing through the design phase, and the schematic design is being prepared. 


Vincent Chrisp Architecture​ are the architects for the project.


​​The builder is expected to be appointed in Q4 of 2017.​


Planning is underway to design a new senior learning centre on the Faithfull Street campus which will require the demolition of the Hall and the Trade Wing Annex. This will enable the Years 10-12 students to shift from the Barkly Street campus. In addition, the change rooms at the gym will be refurbished together with the creation of a weight training room.

Further, a number of portable classrooms which are excess to needs on the Avon Street campus will be removed and the area landscaped to provide better spaces for children.


If you would like to find out more about the great programs that Benalla P-12 College offer, please contact the school on:

Phone: (03) 5761 2777

Website: www.benallap-12college.vic.edu.au


Policies on enrolment​placement, and admission are available on the Department of Education and Training website​.​


What is happening at Benalla P-12 College?

The Victorian Government has committed $8.5 million to proceed with a regeneration project for Benalla P-12. This project is in the planning phase and building is expected to commence in Q4, 2017 and be completed in Q4, 2018, ready for occupation at the start of the school year in 2019.

What is being built or will change?

A new senior learning centre will be built where the Hall is currently located at Faithfull Street. This allows the Years 10-12 students to relocate from the Barkly Street campus, consolidating the middle and senior schools on the Faithfull Street campus. There will also be some refurbishment of the change rooms in the gym and the creation of a weight room. A number of old buildings that are no longer fit for purpose will be demolished at the Avon Street campus and the area landscaped to improve the grounds for new learning and play spaces.

What will happen to the Barkly Street campus once the Years 10-12 students move?

No decisions have been made at this point regarding the future of this site. A range of options are being considered and will be communicated sometime early in 2018.

​Are there more new buildings to come?

A master plan with proposals for more buildings has been ​completed, however there is no additional funding at this time. 



    Q4, 2017


    Q4, 2017



    Q4, 2018

The above dates are forecasted only and subject to change.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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