​​​The $10 million funding is being used to complete a modernisation project at the school which includes:

  • ​​​a new food technology/canteen/café building in the heart of the campus;
  • refurbishment of the gym to include new performing arts facilities and general purpose classrooms;
  • the addition of an outdoor learning area, two science labs, and gallery and project spaces;
  • maintenance and upgrades to existing science labs.

​​The school is in the construction phase of the building project process. ​

This project is an election commitment for the Victorian Government.​



Baldasso Cortese​ are the architects of the project.



Fimma Construction have been appointed as the builders of the project.


​​STEM learning and facilities

STEM learning is a vital part of the curriculum at Brunswick Secondary College. In addition to science classes, the College offers a range of co-curricular programs which provide further opportunities for students to engage in STEM, in areas such as maths, design, psychology and coding. 

Co-curricular programs complement and extend students' learning in mainstream classes, and give students the opportunity to pursue and discover passions outside of the usual classroom setting. In addition to science classes, Jakob Schuster, a Year 9 student at the College, participates in a lunchtime coding program.

For his term science project, Jakob chose to build a small car-like robot, with his science learning supplemented by the coding program. Jakob spent weeks designing the robot and sourcing the appropriate parts to order. Once the parts arrived, it took him several days to build and program the robot to "drive" and interact. The robot has both automatic and manual modes. In manual mode, Jakob's laptop is his control centre; from there he can direct the robot's real-time movements. To operate smoothly in automatic mode, Jakob built the robot with sonar "eyes" that sense when the robot gets close to something and reacts by either stopping or navigating a new path forward. 

​The existing science facilities at Brunswick Secondary College will receive a much-needed upgrade and extension in the $10 million modernisation project currently in construction. These new facilities will match the great teaching and learning already underway.​



    Q1, 2017



    Q1, 2017



    Q4, 2018

The below quarters are forecasted only and subject to change dependant on future budget decisions and other varying factors. These quarters are based on the calendar year.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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