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Brinbeal Secondary College

2 Connaught Rd Tarneit 3029

New School

  1. Start

    Q2 2022

  2. Planning

  3. Design

  4. Construction

  5. Finish

    Q1 2024

The above dates are forecast only and subject to change.

About the project

We’re building a new secondary school in Tarneit. It will open day one of Term 1 in 2024 and help the growing local population get a great education close to home. It will be able to enrol up to 1,300 including approximately 100 places for young people with specialist needs, when the first stage of the school is complete.

Brinbeal Secondary College is a supported inclusion school, which is a mainstream school with additional professional capabilities and facilities designed to cater for a higher than usual proportion of students with disability. Students with disability will receive enhanced support and high-quality, evidence-based educational provision alongside mainstream students to the greatest extent possible in a safe, accessible and supportive environment.

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Enrolments are open

In its first year of operation, Brinbeal Secondary College will open to Year 7 students only, and progress by year level thereafter. The 2024 school zones are available at Link .

For all enrolment queries, please email or call 0467 630 278.

Learn more about the Year 6-7 placement processExternal Link .


In the 2022–23 State Budget, the school shared in $527.233 million allocated for new schools.

Funding type
New School
  • Brinbeal Secondary College was chosen as this new school’s name following a two-week community consultation. Brinbeal (pronounced brin-bill) is a Bunurong word meaning rainbow.

    We used Riverdale Secondary School as an interim name while the school was being planned and designed.

  • Simon Haber has been appointed as principal of the new school.

    Simon has been an educator in metro and regional schools for over 20 years. Most recently he was the principal at Tarneit Senior College. He is passionate about creating safe and inclusive schools that support all students to learn and achieve. As the foundation principal of Brinbeal Secondary College, Simon will focus on student learning, wellbeing and agency.

  • When the school opens in Term 1, 2024, it will include:

    • an administration and library building
    • a learning neighbourhood
    • a science and technology building
    • hard courts
    • a carpark.

    We are also building a performing arts building and community hub.

    Students will have great modern learning areas with air conditioning and heating. Outside, they will have shade sails for sun protection. We have designed the school to be environmentally sustainable and easy to manage.

  • Supported inclusion schools are mainstream schools designed to support a higher number of students with a disability than typical mainstream schools. We equip the schools so all students can learn and play together in the same areas as much as possible.

    This gives students with a disability greater access to mainstream education and allows some to attend a school closer to home.

    Supported inclusion schools support and enhance learning with additional features such as:

    • acoustics and lighting designed for the needs of students with particular disabilities
    • wider corridors where wheelchairs can pass
    • fitness rooms for physical education and therapy
    • enhanced accessible toilets fitted with hoists
    • smaller multipurpose spaces suitable for consultations, 1:1, or small group learning
    • additional provisions for student pick-up/drop-off
    • covered walkways
    • kitchen facilities for students with special dietary or medication requirements.
  • Across late 2021 and during early–mid 2022, we consulted with local Traditional Owners, represented by the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation to endorse the design of this new school.

    We sought feedback and advice on:

    • local Indigenous plantings
    • cultural stories and histories
    • translations of Indigenous words
    • design elements that could enhance cultural education and understanding

Riverdale Secondary School (interim name) – indicative site plan

An indicative site plan of Riverdale Secondary School (interim name)
Riverdale Secondary School (interim name) – indicative site plan

This image shows the indicative site plan for Riverdale Secondary School (interim name).

The plan shows buildings and facilities marked up in blue that will be open from Term 1 2024. They include:

  • a community hub
  • outdoor hard courts
  • a performing arts building
  • a learning neighbourhood (classrooms)
  • a science and technology building
  • an administration and library
  • a carpark along Implexa Drive.

There are outdoor play spaces labelled next to the hard courts.

The plan shows facilities marked up in grey that are a future stage subject to further funding. They include:

  • a visual arts building
  • two additional learning neighbourhoods (classrooms)
  • a carpark along Bethany Road.

Bethany Road is marked up along the top of the plan. Connaught Road is to the right and Implexa Drive runs along the bottom.

The bottom of the image says Opening from Term 1 2024.

Download Riverdale Secondary School (interim name) – indicative site plan

Reviewed 18 September 2023

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