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How to become a supplier

To be a supplier for the VSBA, you need to be prequalified on the Construction Supplier Register.External Link Consultants need to be prequalified on the CSR and registered on the Technical Advisory Panel.

  • The Construction Supplier Register (CSR) is managed by the Department of Treasury and Finance. Suppliers who are prequalified on the CSR can tender for Victorian Government construction projects.

  • The VSBA has a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP). Consultants must be registered on the TAP to participate in VSBA consultant tenders. To start the TAP registration process, you must be registered on the CSR in one of the following categories:

    • Acoustic
    • Architectural
    • Building Condition Assessment
    • Building Surveying
    • Civil Engineering
    • Contamination Testing
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Energy Management
    • Geotechnical
    • Landscape Architects
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Project Management
    • Quantity Surveying
    • Structural Engineering

    The TAP panel streamlines how we engage suppliers to provide technical advice for our school building projects.

    To apply to register on the TAP, a key contact person in your organisation should send an email to with:

    • your company’s CSR registered name
    • your company’s CSR category(s)
    • first name
    • last name
    • email address.

    You will then receive an invitation from to complete your registration on the TAP portal.

    Once you’ve created your TAP account, you’ll need to provide the following qualifications and compliance documents:

    • Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Application Form
    • Capability Statement and Rate Card
    • TAP Deed Poll Framework Agreement

    We will assess your qualifications and compliance documents progressively as we receive them. We will notify you of outcomes via the TAP portal. If we approve all documents, you will be eligible to participate in competitive tenders to provide us with technical advice.

    If you need any help in registering, please contact VendorPanel Support:

  • Subcontracting works and material supply are managed by the builders we appoint to projects. Product suppliers are encouraged to register their interest via the ICN GatewayExternal Link . Supplier information is shared with the invited tenderers weekly.


You can find procurement opportunities through the Buying for Victoria website.External Link Forward notice of tenders is available on this site.

You can also view recently awarded contracts.External Link

Prequalification does not guarantee any request for tender or an engagement for services.

Victorian Education Infrastructure Industry Briefing

Each year following the State Budget, we run an industry briefing. We provide a high-level summary of upcoming projects. This summary is provided for communication and planning purposes only, and may be revised or cancelled. It’s not a solicitation and doesn’t constitute a request for proposal. It’s also not a commitment by the Victorian Government to purchase the described works or services. We have no obligation to respond to or return any unsolicited bids received.

Construction procurement complaints

We provide a way for you to raise any concerns about procurement activities. We will handle complaints in a consistent and fair manner.

Here is an outline of that process:

Step 1

Complaints can be lodged by any tender participant or potential tender participant in a letter or email. They should be addressed to the Commercial and Procurement Manager ( or 33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne VIC 3002).

Step 2

Within five working days, we will acknowledge that we have received the complaint. This acknowledgement will include:

  • the person we have appointed to review the complaint
  • the process we will take
  • an approximate timeline for us to address the complaint.

Step 3

If needed, we will request more information. We will also let you know if we need to engage an external party for advice. This will extend the originally provided timeline. We’ll let you know what impact this will have.

Step 4

Unless the complaint is of a complex nature, in most cases a finding will be made within 20 working days. We’ll let you know if that time is to be extended, what the finding is, and if any further action needs to be taken.

Step 5

If you accept the findings, this is the end of the process.

Step 6

If you aren’t satisfied with our response, you can request a review by an external body. For certain complaints, you can refer the complaint straight to an external body. The Complaints (Public Construction – Guidance 8.3)External Link on the Department of Treasury and Finance website lists these external bodies.

Reviewed 15 December 2021

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