Greener Government School Buildings Program

The Victorian Government is establishing itself as a climate change leader and has set an ultimate goal of net zero emissions by 2045.

Who can apply:

Congratulations to the 44 successful schools of Round 3 of this program. We will support their new solar power systems. This will save schools around $500,000 on power bills each year.

The Victorian Government has set a goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. To support this goal, the government established the Greener Government School Buildings program to help schools become more sustainable. We're doing this by helping schools install solar power systems to generate renewable energy.

Our program provides upfront funding to install solar power systems. Schools pay the cost of the system back over 5 years. Once paid back, schools retain 50% of the savings.

Schools gain the benefits of the solar power system over time. These include lower electricity bills and helping the environment by reducing the school's carbon footprint.

In total, 276 schools are currently taking part in the Greener Government School Buildings program. Once fully implemented, the program is expected to annually:

  • achieve a total installed capacity of 11,153 kilowatts across the school portfolio – enough to generate renewable electricity to power more than 1,350 houses
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 16,500 tonnes – the same as removing 2,300 cars off the road
  • save schools more than $3 million on their power bills.

For further information or to request copies of the program guidance, factsheet or frequently asked questions, please email the VSBA at