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Education plans

Every Victorian deserves the chance to thrive and prosper at school, work, and in life – no matter their background, postcode or circumstance.

The reasons for low achievement are often complex. They require new solutions. Education plans bring schools and the wider community together to understand what's preventing better outcomes and find answers to create the change needed.

This means developing:

  • a shared community vision for change in local education
  • an integrated and holistic local plan to deliver the vision
  • short and long-term solutions that might include collaboration between local schools, kindergartens, TAFEs or universities, community services, business and industry, cultural groups, and students and their families.

Each education plan is different. They tailor to local needs and aspirations, but solutions might include:

  • greater collaboration between schools to improve teaching and learning and broaden student choice
  • more professional support for teachers
  • better health and social support for families
  • the Victorian and local governments working jointly on specific projects to improve student achievement and wellbeing
  • the VSBA improving school buildings and facilities.

Use the links below to find out more detail about individual plans underway across Victoria.