About us

We design, build and modernise schools and kindergartens.

The Victorian Government is doing this on a scale not seen since free education was introduced in the 1870s.

The Victorian School Building Authority is part of the Department of Education. Since 2016, we have managed this education construction boom.

Our work will help every Victorian child have a great local school that prepares them to thrive in the 21st century.

The Victorian Government has invested more than $14.9 billion for our building projects as part of its Education State reforms.

We have opened 82 new primary and secondary schools since 2017. We’re on track to have another 14 ready for their first students by 2024, with 6 more to welcome their first students in 2025. We have also been busy with more than 1,940 other projects that upgrade or expand existing schools − improving conditions and creating new learning opportunities for students.

As well as reforming schools, we are transforming neighbourhoods. Our projects are giving schools new gyms and sports ovals, rooms for health services, theatres and other resources they can share with their wider communities after hours and on weekends.

We are also helping the Victorian Government reform early learning. Working with the sector, we have a massive construction program underway to build, modernise and expand kindergartens across the state. This is making 2 years of kindergarten possible for all Victorian children.

We organise emergency maintenance for schools damaged by natural disasters and other unforeseen issues. We have a new generation of relocatable buildings that we can move to schools in these situations, or to help others manage sudden increases in student enrolments.

We offer grants for smaller building projects that make a big difference. This is making Victorian education more inclusive, better catering for students with disabilities or special needs. It is helping schools afford solar panels, making them more sustainable and reducing energy costs. It is helping non-government schools expand and modernise.