Inclusive Schools Fund

The Inclusive Schools Fund supports small innovative building projects to meet the educational and social needs of all children and young people, including those with disabilities and additional needs.

Who can apply:
$0 - $300,000

Inclusive education is about ensuring that all students, regardless of disabilities or other differences, are able to fully participate, learn, develop and succeed in Victorian government schools.

Since 2015, over 420 projects have been funded through this program – providing primary, secondary and specialist schools with new facilities such as outdoor sensory gardens and learning areas, specialist play and recreation equipment, and adapting indoor learning spaces to be more inclusive.

The 2023–24 Victorian State Budget allocated an additional $10 million to this fund, bringing the total investment in the fund to $80 million. 

Round 9 of the Inclusive Schools Fund has been announced. 

The VSBA School Grants team assess and administer the Inclusive Schools Fund.