Early childhood grants

We’re helping build the kindergartens Victoria needs.

All Victorian children can now enjoy 2 years of free kindergarten. Over the next decade, free kindergarten hours for 3-year-olds will increase from 5 to 15 hours a week. At the same time Four-Year-Old Kindergarten will become Pre-Prep – doubling their play-based learning to 30 hours a week.

Since launching in 2020, Building Blocks grants have been laying foundations for these major reforms. They have helped local councils and other not-for-profit providers build, expand and modernise kindergartens across the state.

With joint-investment from the sector, we are creating more kindergarten places. Building Blocks is also making kinder buildings, playgrounds and equipment more inclusive for children of all abilities.

As well as the grants streams, the Department of Education offers the Building Blocks Partnerships program. We work closely with local governments and not-for-profit providers to plan and build kindergartens in the areas that need them.

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Building Blocks grants

Other early childhood infrastructure grants

In addition to the Building Blocks program, we have the following grants: