Planned Maintenance Program

We are making sure all Victorian students and staff have safe and modern learning spaces.

Our Planned Maintenance Program funds repairs and essential maintenance in schools to refurbish buildings and infrastructure in the poorest condition. Depending on the size and type of project, this work can be managed by us or the school.

Examples of this important maintenance work include fixing roofs, resurfacing floors, replacing windows, painting and installing outside lights and paths.

You can access more information about the Planned Maintenance Program funding guidelines.

Shelter in Place

Every school at risk of bushfire in Victoria has a designated Shelter in Place for emergency use. Under the Planned Maintenance Program, we assess the safety of these buildings and upgrade them, where necessary, to ensure the safety of the school community.

Bushfire Preparedness Program

Schools on the Bushfire At-Risk Register also receive maintenance funding through the Bushfire Preparedness (Vegetation) Program. This program funds schools for vegetation clearance and related activities to reduce the risk of harm from a bushfire.

Please contact your school for more information.

Schools receiving funding