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Alexandra Avenue Children's Centre

31 Alexandra Av Sunshine 3020

New Integrated Children's Centre

  1. Start

  2. Planning

  3. Design

  4. Construction

  5. Finish

    Q3 2019

The above dates are forecast only and subject to change.

About the project

Brimbank City Council has built an integrated children’s centre with a 2 room kindergarten, long day care, supported playgroups, and 4 consulting suites for maternal and child health and related services.

It is a campus-style development, with playground areas allowing for an integrated outdoor program. The model is a birth-to-school precinct offering a seamless transition between services.


As part of the 2017–18 Children's Facilities Capital Program Major Grants $500,000 was allocated to the project.

Funding type
New Integrated Children's Centre

Reviewed 07 November 2022

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