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Bass Coast College - San Remo Campus

Potters Hill Rd San Remo 3925

New School Campus

  1. Start

  2. Planning

  3. Design

  4. Construction

  5. Finish

    Q1 2022

The above dates are forecast only and subject to change.

About the project

We built a new junior secondary campus for Bass Coast College (formerly Wonthaggi Secondary College) in San Remo, which opened in January 2022.

The new Years 7–9 campus is able to enrol up to 500 students, and has added to the college's two existing campuses (including the recently opened Wonthaggi Campus).


In the 2019–20 State Budget, this school shared in $624.8 million allocated for new schools. In 2020, the school received a further $5 million in funding.

In the 2020–21 State Budget, the school received at least $25.76 million.

Funding type
New School Campus
  • The school has the following facilities:

    • a 'Welcome and Wellbeing Centre', which consists of administration and library spaces and reflects the importance of holistic student development with strong wellbeing support
    • a learning base and innovation neighbourhood consisting of classroom spaces that are innovative and adaptable
    • a specialist building where science, technology and design learning takes place in a collaborative setting
    • a community and health building, which consists of a performing arts and physical education area (which includes an indoor play court), and a food technology space and canteen, which can be accessible for local community events
    • an oval
    • 4 outdoor play courts.
  • From 11 February to 4 March 2021, we consulted with the Wonthaggi and Bass Coast community on a new name for Wonthaggi Secondary College.

    These preferences were used to inform the Department of Education’s final decision on the school name, in conjunction with the guiding principles for renaming schools.

    'Bass Coast College' received the highest level of community support. The school welcomes students from a large number of primary schools across the Bass Coast Shire. This new name more accurately reflects the school's unique identity, inspires local pride, and makes the school easily locatable across its three campuses.

Bass Coast College – San Remo Campus site plan

A site plan showing the buildings and facilities on the campus.
Bass Coast College – San Remo Campus site plan

This image shows the building and facilities on the new campus. Marked up are:

  • bus pick-up/drop-off area
  • parent drop-off area
  • library
  • Administration Building
  • Specialist Building (science, technology, arts)
  • Innovation Building (media, project spaces, classrooms)
  • Community and Health Building (competition grade gym, food technology, music and performing arts)
  • learning base (classrooms)
  • classrooms
  • sports courts
  • football oval
Download Bass Coast College – San Remo Campus site plan

Community engagement – school design report

  • We engaged with students, teachers, parents and community members from San Remo, Phillip Island and the surrounding area, gathering their input to help design the new junior secondary campus in San Remo. We used an online survey and held a community drop-in consultation event in October 2019. This report provides a summary of what we heard.

    Engagement snapshot

    • 54% of online survey participants were parents of a prospective student
    • 1 workshop with 52 community members
    • 8,962 people reached through social media
    • 59% of survey respondents clicked through from Facebook
    • 92 online survey responses
    • 853 individual comments received
  • Participants strongly value the local environment, particularly the coastline as well as parks and natural places. Participants suggested that the design of the campus should be both contemporary and environmentally sustainable.

    The community also values facilities that can accommodate a diverse range of subjects and programs including sports, music, arts, and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

    What your community wanted for the new school

    Contemporary and sustainable design

    You wanted the school to be built to a high standard with a contemporary design that fits into the surrounding natural environment. Flexible and collaborative spaces that can also provide quiet areas and outdoor learning areas were a priority. We heard that it is important that it is an environmentally sustainable design that considers the use of sustainable water and power sources. It is also important that it is suitable for the local weather conditions and provides appropriate weather protection for classrooms and outdoor shelter areas.

    “Building and grounds that fit in with the green natural environment that makes this area so unique.” - Online survey

    “Bright naturally lit classrooms with access to outdoor spaces. Outdoor areas for students to meet and relax that maximise natural materials.” - Online survey

    “Very sustainable buildings & grounds, that the layout doesn’t impact on a massive area. Look into zero-dollar utilities bills, zero waste school.” - Online survey

    Diverse subjects within the curriculum and the facilities to accommodate this

    Lots of people told us that the school needs to provide diverse subjects within the curriculum. There was interest in providing sporting facilities, arts and music programs, STEM programs and facilities, a well-resourced library and a vegetable garden. Good quality teachers to deliver this curriculum is seen as critical to the education of young people in this area.

    “Lots of good elective opportunities and facilities for students” - Online survey

    “Learning programs that connect to local industries and offer authentic, contextual learning opportunities.” - Online survey

    Plan for growth and consider access

    Your community told us that the school should be planned with the future in mind. We heard that the school must be able to accommodate expected growth. Your community also wanted the design to consider how students will get to and from school and ensure there is safe access and appropriate drop off and pick up spots.

    “Allow for growth of the school to support future senior levels as well as Pre apprenticeship courses.” - Online survey

    “Our area is growing rapidly, a secondary public school is much needed to cater and provide opportunities for our students.” - Online survey

    Wellbeing support

    Providing support for students’ wellbeing is important to your community and you think the school should create an environment that prioritises this.

    “Feeling safe from bullying.” - Online survey

    “There definitely needs to be a "specialty" area for children with different/special needs.” - Online survey

    What your community’s favourite places are

    Beaches, coastline and natural outdoor spaces

    People living in this part of Victoria share a common love for the coastline and local beaches. Most responses related to the unique features of the local coastline, and other natural outdoor places where people go to relax, enjoy local wildlife as well as a wide range of outdoor activities. The community provided San Remo, Philip Island, the Nobbies, the Penguin Parade and the Bass Coast Rail Trail as some of their specific favourite places.

    “The beach is my favourite place. Just seeing the ocean is calming.” - Online survey

    “The koala conservation centre, the penguins and the Nobbies, the OCEAN! and the history of the Boonwurrung people, the new building should pay tribute to the traditional landowners.” - Online survey

    “In the vicinity of San Remo - all of the beaches, the bridge to Philip Island, farmland which allows views.” - Online survey

Bass Coast College - San Remo Campus site location

Bass Coast College - San Remo Campus - site location
Bass Coast College - San Remo Campus site location

This image shows the location of the San Remo Campus for Bass Coast College. It's located on Potters Hill Road, in San Remo. San Remo Primary School is also shown on the map.

Download Bass Coast College - San Remo Campus site location

Community consultation

  • We engaged with students, teachers, parents and community members from the Bass Coast community from 23 May to 14 June 2019, on current education options, priorities and the best location for a new school facility.

    In particular, we wanted to know where the school should be located, what the community feels are the most important factors when choosing a school, as well as what current secondary schools parents are considering for their children.

    This reports details what we heard from your community during this engagement.

  • Top reasons for choosing a school

    Answer choices Percent Count
    Close to home 64.00% 599
    School reputation 42.20% 395
    Subject choice 33.65% 315
    Teachers 39.00% 365
    Principal 8.97% 84
    Facilities/physical environment of school 48.29% 452
    Cultural sensitivity 3.21% 30
    Siblings or friends attending the school location 6.62%


    Before and after school care programs 4.38% 41
    Speciality subjects 8.55% 80
    Provision for special needs 7.37% 69
    Public (government) school 34.29% 321

    Where should the new school go?

    When asked which location was their preference and why, the majority of respondents said they wanted the school to be close to them with approximately:

    • San Remo (approximately 41%)
    • Phillip Island (approximately 40%)
    • North towards Coronet Bay and Corinella (approximately 16%)
    • Wonthaggi, Grantville or Inverloch (approximately 3%)

    Do you have a preferred location for the new junior secondary school and why?

    Four of the top five reasons that respondents gave for their choice of a school location related to how easy it was going to be for them and others to get to and from that location.


    Four of the top five reasons that respondents gave for their choice of a school location related to how easy it was going to be for them and others to get to and from that location.

    The top 5 reasons respondents gave for their preferred location were:

    1. central location for everyone (262)
    2. less travel time (155)
    3. growth area in need of a school (150)
    4. better accessibility (120)
    5. closer to home (120).

    Other responses echoed these themes mentioning access (61) and reducing traffic congestion (61). A number (32) also mentioned available land with enough space for a school and that there was not a public secondary school close by (103).

    What secondary school options are you thinking about?

    At present, residents of the region have two choices for secondary schools close to their home: Wonthaggi Secondary College and Newhaven College.

    Only a few people (15%) are considering options further afield.

    Answer choices Percent Count
    Wonthaggi Secondary College 52.40% 480
    Bass Coast Specialist School 0.11% 1
    Newhaven College 20.52%


    Outer area (i.e. Koo Wee Rup Secondary College, Korumburra Secondary College) 4.26% 39
    Planning to move 1.53% 14
    Home schooling 0.76% 7
    Undecided 15.07% 138
    Other 5.57% 51

Reviewed 31 October 2022

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