Building Blocks Acknowledgement and Publicity Guidelines

You should use these guidelines for publicity of a project funded by the Victorian Government through the Building Blocks program.

Building Blocks grant recipients need to acknowledge government funding support in the publicity of the project. This is a condition of the grant. Publicity includes:

  • any type of signage,
  • publication,
  • promotion,
  • media.

Keeping the funding confidential

You must keep the funding confidential until it is publicly announced.

Approved grants are highly confidential. They remain so until the Minister for Early Childhood and Pre-Prep or their representative publicly announces the funding. This announcement could be made through the media, an official event, a media release, or an endorsed social media post.

Project information will be made public

Once your funding has been publicly announced, we will create a project on the VSBA website. This only applies to projects that receive $50,000 or more.

The website will include the funding type and amount, location (if available) and an overview of the project scope.

Government representative opportunities

You must give the government’s representative an opportunity to open the completed project. You must also invite them to any project-related events.

If your funding is for an integrated children’s centre or a new early learning facility, then you must also invite the Minister for Early Childhood and Pre-Prep to construction start (sod turn) events.

You will need to give us 3 months notice for sod turn events or official openings. You can do this by contacting

We recommend providing several options for dates and times to ensure the Minister is available or can nominate a representative. Once a date has been confirmed, we will work with you on event details .


For capital projects with funding greater than $250,000, you must acknowledge government funding support on signage. This signage is called a community billboard.

  • A community billboard should be erected within 2 weeks of works commencing on site. It must be removed no later than 3 weeks after the project is completed.
  • The billboard should be the only free-standing sign on the site. It can be free-standing, wall mounted or secured to a perimeter fence.

We have a template that can be used for this purpose (downloadable from the bottom of this page). You may include partner logos on the template. They should be no larger than the VSBA logo.

You may use alternate signage design and artwork provided that:

  • the combined Victorian School Building Authority and Victorian Government logo is prominently displayed on the sign, and
  • use of the logos is consistent with the current Brand Victoria guidelines.

Our logos are also available at the bottom of the page. You must obtain our approval before printing. Email your final PDF artwork to Please allow 2 working days for us to review and provide approval.

Printed and verbal acknowledgment

You must acknowledge the government’s funding support in published or printed materials, speeches, or other forms of presentations. Examples of acknowledgement include:

  • Print and electronic documents, reports, brochures, etc. – logo and written acknowledgement statement placed where appropriate
  • Posters – logo and written acknowledgement
  • Videos – logo and written acknowledgment in credits or appropriate part of the production
  • Websites – logo and written acknowledgment where appropriate. The acknowledgement only needs to occur on relevant pages describing the funded activity. Pages describing the funded activity should include a link to the VSBA website.
  • Media releases – written acknowledgement describing the Government’s contribution and funding source
  • Speeches/launches/conferences/events – verbal acknowledgment, display of banners (where practical) and signs and logo acknowledgment in programs/invites/websites

You must use the following statement in published or printed materials associated with the funded project.

“The [name of service/project] was/were supported by the Victorian Government.”

Logo for publishing, printing and signage

You must use the VSBA and Victorian government’s logo in all published or printed materials or signage associated with the funded project. It cannot be altered without permission. These logos are available to download below.

You must obtain our approval before printing. Email your final PDF artwork to Please allow 2 working days for us to review and provide approval.

You need to ensure that the current Brand Victoria guidelines are followed when using the Victorian Government logo on any signage.

Further information

For further guidance please contact the Building Blocks Grant team by phone (03) 7022 2652 or email