Thornbury High School - new STEAM centre

The only audio on this video is backing music.

This video is an illustrated, animated fly-through of the design for a new STEAM centre at the school.

The video zooms in on the school from an aerial shot.

[on screen text]
Thornbury High School
New STEAM centre

The video pans around the exterior of the building, entering through some glass doors to a tiered seating area.

We pan through wide hallways and down some stairs to a classroom with tables.

The video then pans up a staircase, through an open landing space to a food technology space.

Then the video travels down a long hallway with multiple break-out spaces with tables and seating, past some classrooms and a science laboratory.

The video then zooms outdoors, moving out to an aerial view of a landscaped outdoor area.

The video ends with the Victorian School Building Authority logo and website URL (