Frankston North Education Plan

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This video shows a series of video clips documenting the new facilities at three different schools interspersed with people speaking to camera.


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The Frankston North Education Plan

Aldercourt Primary School

Mahogany Rise Primary School

Monterey Secondary College


[Peter Langham, Principal – Monterey Secondary College]

Education is so important, everyone needs to be involved from babies to adults.


[Jen Agessa, Careers & Pathways Coordinator – Monterey Secondary College

Whether you're learning yourself or supporting someone else to learn, education is the key to living life to the full.


[Kathie Arnold, Principal – Aldercourt Primary School]

The Frankston North Education Plan is about making schools accessible for everyone.


[Sharon Wright, Partnership Manager – Our Place]

Connecting parents with the services and supports they need for their families so they can just get on with learning.


[Andrew Schneider, Principal – Mahogany Rise Primary School]

We've built new facilities, brought in new teaching expertise, rethought the way we teach our students and what we expect of them.


[Simone Kendall, Education Advisor – Peninsula Health]

We're making it easier to access important health and wellbeing services…


[Diana Wilson, Coordinator Maternal and Child Health and Immunisation – Frankston City Council]

…playgroups and family education sessions so that families can easily get the support they want and need.


[Nicole Bechaz, Teacher – Community Kinders Plus]

We're providing high-quality early childhood education for our youngest residents with three- and four-year-old kindergarten at Aldercourt Primary School…


[Karen Wheeler, Coordinator Children’s Services – Frankston City Council]

…and long daycare and kindergarten at Mahogany Rise Primary School.


[Peter Langham, Principal – Monterey Secondary College]

Whether you're learning yourself, or supporting someone else, education is key to living life to the full.


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