Delacombe Primary School - completed upgrade

The audio on this video is music only.


[Upbeat music]

[music plays throughout]


A drone shot from high above, we slowly fly over the top of a new school gymnasium. The bottom half of the building is a light grey brick, with the top half white cladding. Solar panels cover most of the roof.


[on screen text]

Delacombe Primary School

Upgrade and modernisation


We see a 3-way split screen, each with a different drone shot of the new building. The middle shot then takes up the whole screen.


We see a quick tilt-up shot of the side of the building and the shot finishes on the school sign that sits at the top of the building’s wall. We transition to a shot of the interior with a quick tilt-down from the ceiling to a wide shot of a basketball hoop and the glass doors and windows at the one end of the gym. 


Cut to a shot of the huge video screen attached high on the wall at half-court.


A wide shot of the other basketball hoop, the big industrial ceiling fans, and translucent wall cladding is letting in light from outside. 


Another shot of the translucent cladding.


We see a shot of one of the brand-new bathrooms. Retro-chic with rounded mirror, and green and white subway tile. The hand basins are large and white and sit raised, on top of the bench.


A close-up shot of one of the basketball hoops with the translucent cladding in the background.


We see an exterior shot of the new gym which quickly pans to the green-coloured outdoor play equipment.

The shot transitions to a slow pan of the grey brick front of the gym. There is some nice native grasses and young tall trees in the landscaped garden. The sun is setting and casting a soft golden light on everything.

We cut to another shot of the front and entrance to the gym later in the evening. We can see the lights inside gently lighting up the translucent cladding.


The final shot is a drone shot slowly moving away from the gym.


The video ends with the Victorian School Building Authority logo and website URL []. The elements of the logo are animated on a white background.