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North Melbourne Primary School (new campus) - construction update

The only audio on this video is upbeat backing music. 

This video is a drone flyover of construction progress of the school.

The video begins from an aerial view panning up.

Next we are shown another angle of the construction as we pan from left to right.

[on screen text]

North Melbourne

Primary School (new campus)

Construction progress

We continue to fly over the school from different aerial angles and bird’s eye views.

Vision is then shown to speed up as we fly around the school.

We zoom in to close-up parts of construction.

The final shot is a long shot of the school and its construction with neighbouring streets and trees.

The 100 New Schools logo appears on a red background.

The video ends with the Victorian School Building Authority, Victoria State Government and 150 Years of Public Education logos and website URL on a white background.

Reviewed 09 May 2022