Lilydale District and Yarra Valley Education Plan

Transcript of the Lilydale District and Yarra Valley education plan

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A drone shot of a bright, misty valley from high above, we slowly tilt down and the shot fades to a translucent white as text appears.

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Lilydale District and Yarra Valley Education Plan
Benefits of schools working together

Ann Stratford is shown on camera.

Ann Stratford: When you've got a clear goal, when you've got a number of schools working together and everybody's really on board with a really specific goal and has really clear objectives, it ensures that there is consistency across, you know, six schools.

Allan Rennick is shown on camera.

[on screen text]
Allan Rennick
Healesville High School

Allan Rennick: I love the fact that we can say that government schools in the outer east provide a quality education for your child.

A shot of the front of Lilydale High School is shown.

A shot of the Mooroolbark College logo on a brick wall is shown.

[voice over of Allan]
Allan: So that kind of allows parents then to enrol their child in their local government school with confidence that they're going to get a quality educational outcome. That aspect, the collaborative approach, is that that's the message we give about government education.

A shot of Upper Yarra Secondary College is shown.

A shot of Lilydale Heights College is shown.

A shot of Healesville High School is shown.

Camera focus onto a brick wall with the Yarra Hills Secondary College signage.

Rosina Fotia is shown on camera.

[on screen text]
Rosina Fotia
Lilydale Heights College

Rosina Fotia: Trying to increase the aspirations of young people. And through our links with each other, we've been able to support the secondary education system, which is what's most powerful about the whole thing. And we're not working as silos anymore, but working in collaboration with the others with a core focus on improving student outcomes and aspirations.

Scott Tully is shown on camera.

[on screen text]
Scott Tully
Upper Yarra Secondary College

Scott Tully: So individually, I think each school has benefited from the experience and the opportunities provided as working as a cluster.

[voice over of Scott Tully]
Scott: But if you look at it on a broader sense, I think the entire community look at the entire Yarra Valley from Lilydale out…

We see a map showing the 7 locations of the schools in the Lilydale District and Yarra Valley Education Plan.

We then go back to a shot of Scott on camera.

Scott: …which obviously includes Mooroolbark, have benefited from those schools working together, sharing expertise, sharing resources and working for the good of the community.

[voice over of Wendy Powson]
Wendy Powson: We've seen some fantastic infrastructure, some wonderful capital works happening. We've seen an improvement in the student outcomes.

We see a panning shot of a clean, well-lit gymnasium. Which then moves to pedestal shot of a space in front of a classroom where children can sit down. Cut to a panning shot of the school grounds with 3 flags.

We see a student’s hand moving around a magnet manipulating iron filings which then cuts to a female student using a flask in a science room with her classmates watching.

A shot of the school’s outside seating area is shown with students sitting on them.

Wendy is shown on camera.

[on screen text]
Wendy Powson
Lilydale High School

Wendy: It's been great working with the other schools collaboratively, sharing ideas, sharing resources. We're hopeful that this will continue into the future.

The shot fades to a translucent white as text appears.

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Collaborative Indigenous Strategy

Rachel Lynchis shown on camera.

[on screen text]
Rachel Lynch
Acting Principal
Yarra Hills Secondary College

Rachel Lynch: With the Collaborative Indigenous Strategy, we've really noticed a significant change in the way that students are talking and communicating about First Nations people.

We see a shot of a vibrant Aboriginal painting. Followed by a shot of a school wall decorated with Aboriginal paintings.

[voice over of Rachel]
Rachel: When you walk through the school, there are lots of different visible signs that things are happening…

Rachel is shown on camera.

Rachel: …and moving and going in the right direction to bring awareness to the college and to the cohort of students as a whole.

Rosina is shown on camera

Rosina: The collaborative indigenous strategy for me is the part of the strategy that I'm most proud of, if I'm honest.

We see Indigenous practices happening with an Elder leading a smoking ceremony. A drone shot from high above, the shot slowly rises giving a bird's eye view of the school and the Indigenous design of the communal area paving.

[voice over of Rosina]
Rosina: To see what we've done and the shift we've made for young Indigenous people and their families in the community.

Rosina is shown on camera

Rosina: It's just been overwhelmingly beautiful to see the connection that the students have with the schools now. The introduction of First Nations advocates in each of the secondary schools.

Tanna Draper Nagas is shown on camera

[on screen text]
Tanna Draper Nagas
First Nations Advocate
Lilydale Heights College

Tanna Draper Nagas: For us, the First Nations Advocate role at Lilydale Heights College has been really significant as it offers our families, our First Nations families and the students, I suppose, a voice to have in their experiences within the education system. It also allows our non-Indigenous students to have more of an exposure to the world's oldest living culture in the world. And that's something special that lots of families and students haven't previously experienced.

The shot fades to a translucent white as text appears.

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Senior secondary reform - working together

Hollie O’Brien is shown on camera

[on screen text]
Hollie O’Brien
Career Practitioner
Healesville High School

Hollie O’ Brien: The senior secondary reforms are quite large, so it'll be really nice to work with other schools to see how they are implementing it, making sure that we're consistent in our approach and just looking at best practice altogether.

The shot fades to a translucent white as Ann is shown on camera.

Ann: I think out here in the Yarra Valley and in the Lilydale area, we think of the students as our students and not just 6 individual schools.

The shot fades to a translucent white as text appears.

[on screen text]
Learn more about the Lilydale District and Yarra Valley Education Plan by visiting the VSBA website.

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