Officer Rix Road Primary School (interim name) | Introducing Gavan Hughes

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We see a man laughing and talking to someone off-camera. 

[On-screen text: Meet your new principal] 

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[On-screen text: Introducing Gavan Hughes, Officer Rix Road Primary School (interim name)]

Gavan Hughes: I'm Gavan Hughes and I'm really excited and honoured to be the principal of your new school. 

[On-screen text: What does a good education look like?]

Gavan: So good education, to me, looks like all students having their learning and wellbeing needs met. It involves the community being completely engaged in the school and having real ownership over the school. And it's really about a community coming together to improve the outcomes for young people.

[On-screen text: What type of leader are you?]

Gavan: I started at university studying applied science. And, to be honest, my heart wasn't in it. And in the education faculty, there was a poster. And the poster said, 'Change the world one child at a time – become a teacher'. And that's what started me down this pathway into education to actually make a difference in young people's lives, and doing that through education. Being a parent, and becoming a parent for the first time, that really influenced my perspective on education and really reinforced that these young people that we're working with are the most precious thing in someone's life.

[On-screen text: How will you support students and the community?] 

Gavan: Transitions are really important part of school life and supporting students and their families in the transition into the community. One of the key aspects of our school is the relationship that we have with the local kinders, and we've started building that already. Really excited about the opportunity to work with the local Indigenous community and reinforcing that, whilst the buildings are new, there's a long, long history for this place and where we're situated – the lands that we're situated on. And so building that understanding and that connection is really exciting as well. 

[On-screen text: What does student success look like?] 

Gavan: In regards to students achieving success, there's a couple of keys. First of all, they've got really clear goals that they've developed in partnership with staff and their family. They've got a clear understanding of the plan towards achieving those goals, and they understand what success looks like. And so within doing that, they're feeling supported and challenged in balance at the same time. 

[On-screen text: Where can we find you on day 1, Term 1?]

Gavan: So working as a principal in a school, I'm very much a hands-on principal. I like to be in the learning spaces. I like to be engaging with students, talking to them about their learning, because that provides really important information for me and the leadership team and the staff of the school in making sure that we're providing everything that we can to meet the needs of students. And the same goes for parents as well, being really accessible. One of my favourite times in the school day, or two favourite times, is the beginning of day and the end of the day, being at the front gate and being able to engage with people. Day 1, Term 1 you'll find me at the front gate on 22 Allsburg Avenue, Officer, ready to welcome all our school community into the school.

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[On-screen text: 100 new schools]

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