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Upgrades at Upper Yarra Secondary College

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An architectural render showing a building with slanted roofs. White, geometric figures sit and stand around a paved courtyard, with wooden and concrete benches and landscaped areas.

[On-screen text: We are upgrading Upper Yarra Secondary College on Wurundjeri Country stages 2 and 3]

[On-screen text: Cooper, Year 10 captain]

Cooper: This upgrade for our school is really good for myself, and my fellow students, as it gives us more of a chance to learn outdoors. 

[On-screen text: Talei, Year 9 captain]

Talei: There's lots of little things that I'm excited about: fresh, new toilets; no leaking roofs; some outdoor areas for both learning and to socialise. 

An aerial illustrated site map shows all three stages of the upgrade at the school.

Talei: And I'm also really excited about the new STEAM building, because technology is the future and our  school needs the facilities to teach this.  

An architectural render shows the exterior of a building with paved and grassed areas. White, geometric figures work and play in the spaces.

Cooper: This new upgrade will show the community how Upper Yarra has an outdoor learning theme. We want to take advantage of our outdoor environment that we have, we're very lucky for the area our school's in.

Talei: The new outdoor areas will provide students the opportunity to learn more about the rich Wurundjeri history. One of my closest friends is a First Nations person and these areas will provide me the space to learn more about his culture. 

Architectural renders show the exterior of a building built in brick and metal, with green landscaping. Geometric figures walk in the space.

Cooper: We're also involving a local Aboriginal artist to our school so they can make artworks to hang around and students can learn about them.  

Talei: I'm incredibly proud of my school and the teachers and how they care about students and their needs and with this new upgrade in the buildings I can now be proud of the buildings as well.

An architectural render shows the interior of a building with beams in the ceiling. There is a communal central area where figures sit at tall tables. Beyond that are classrooms with windows and doors framed in light wood.

[On-screen text: The Victorian government has invested over $56 million to upgrade and modernise the schools involved in the Lilydale District and Yarra Valley Education Plan. Upper Yarra Secondary College $4.13 million for stage 2 $6 million for stage 3]

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[On-screen text: Authorised by The Victorian School Building Authority, 33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne] 

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Reviewed 06 October 2022