Melba College upgrade - design workshop

Upbeat music plays throughout.

[On-screen text: Melba College, thinking about the designs of their new classrooms]

Student 1: I think I learn best when there's fun involved.

Student 2: The learning that I do best is physical. I'm always, like, on the move.

[On-screen text: Amy Godfrey, Teacher - English]

Amy Godfrey: So, some of the furniture is going to be a lot more colourful than our usual square tables that we used to have.

Student 3: Well, I like the seats that move, like the one I'm sitting on now. There were some wobbly seats and stuff, so, we like moving while we're learning.

Amy: So, some of the spaces we see that are much more open, much more…a lot more light coming through, a lot more aesthetically pleasing to the students, so it makes it more welcoming for them.

[On-screen text: Terry Bennett, Principal of Melba College]

Terry Bennett: Creative spaces, reflective spaces, presentation spaces, a lot of colour. It should be fun and enjoyable. Learning should be fun and enjoyable.

A white background appears with the VSBA and Victoria State Government logos. 

[On-screen text:

A black background appears and white text appears. 

[On-screen text: Authorised by The Victorian School Building Authority, 33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne]

[end transcript]