Irymple Secondary College – Upgrade and Modernisation

The best thing about the new school upgrade is the way that the classrooms work. So it's very open and inclusive,
every form and every teacher actually has someone to rely on and you're not doing it by yourself.

When our school had the upgrade I felt like it was just a big relief. Our school just felt a lot more happier, it was just a better place to learn. It's a lot more comfortable. If you use it to your advantage it can actually be really helpful.

I love the new school it's so modern and like, I don't know know, when you just like walk in here you feel a part of a group because like normal classes you just split off
away from your year level but normally when we have maths and science we're all together. There's lots of natural light which I feel like it helps you a lot more as well.

It's a lot more inclusive. It's a bigger space. I can work with people more than what I would in a closed environment. I feel like I engage with the teacher more. It's a lot more natural and flowing than it was and it just feels a lot
better now.

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