Mahogany Rise Primary School – upgrade and modernisation

The only audio on this video is backing music.

A aerial photo of the suburb is shown.
[on screen text]
Frankston North Education Plan
Mahogany Rise Primary School and Child and Family Centre

We then see the exterior of the school.
[on screen text]
The Victorian Government has invested $26.2 million to deliver new and modern facilities for the Frankston North Education Plan.
This includes funding for upgrades and new facilities for Mahogany Rise Primary School and Child and Family Centre.

The video pans the entrance.
[on screen text]
New joint entrance and administration.

The video shows the welcome and wellbeing area.
[on screen text]
New welcoming area and wellbeing spaces.

We see learning spaces.
[on screen text]
New learning spaces

We see communal spaces.
[on screen text]
Shared use of community services and school resources

We see the Child and Family Centre
[on screen text]
Linking the school to the existing early learning centre and its facilities.

The footage ends with an exterior shot.

The video ends with the Education State and State Government logo.