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Visit Wayi School

[Upbeat music begins and plays throughout the video]

[on-screen text: Jett, student]

[video opens with Jett smiling and looking at the camera]

Jett: My name is Jett, and this is my school.

[Panning shot left to right of the side of one of the school buildings, displaying the name and logo ‘Wayi School’]

[Shot of the school’s black uniform with the Wayi School name and white and green logo on the jacket]

[on-screen text: Wayi School, Opening Term 1 2023]

[on-screen text: Leanne Sinadurai, Principal]

[Shot of Leanne Sinnadurai being interviewed]

Leanne Sinnadurai: My name's Leanne Sinnadurai, and I'm the principal of the Wayi School. It's a P-to-12 school for students who have an intellectual disability.

[tilt shot of Leanne reading together with Jett in a bright reading space. They are laughing and smiling together on a green sofa.]

[shot of an orange playground sign, displaying the text ‘wayigurk dihila-biik, small playground’ with a shadowed outline of a kangaroo and its tracks]

[panning shot right to left of the school playground with Jett playing on colourful climbing apparatus and going down a bendy yellow slide, while Leanne supervises close by]

Leanne: It's so important for our community to have a school that is close to home. They get to see, “Oh, there's my school” and build that connection.

[Panning shot left to right of Wayi’s learning spaces, showing a large round table and chairs in a light, coffee-coloured room]

Leanne: We have got some amazing learning spaces. We've had our students come along throughout the school break to visit their classroom and spend some time at the school and in their new space, and everyone's really excited.

[shot of Jett playing with a large green, red and blue abacus with Leanne]

[shot of Jett playing behind a soft navy blue, pale blue and white pillar]

Leanne: The students have big smiles, very interested in the new facilities and the parents have been very happy as well.

[shot of Jett drawing on a white board in orange marker pen, next to his name, while Leanne watches on]

[panning shots of a ‘Wellbeing Workspace’ sign and the school’s learning spaces with round tables and individual desks]

[panning shot right to left of the outdoor play area with a basketball hoop]

[tilt shot of an orange Wayi School sign with directions to ‘darang |trees, wurru-wurru | sky, biik | earth and baan | water’] 

Leanne: Welcome to Wayi School.

A white background appears with the VSBA and Victoria State Government logos. 


[On-screen text:


A black background appears and white text appears. 


[On-screen text: Authorised by The Victorian School Building Authority, 33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne] 


[Transcript ends] 


Reviewed 27 January 2023