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Visit Thornhill Park Primary School

[Upbeat music begins and plays throughout the video]

[Aerial panning shot of school site with 5 grey buildings each with a pop of colour]

[on-screen text: Thornhill Park Primary School, Opening Term 1 2023]

[we see Sophia smiling and looking at the camera]

[on-screen text: Sophia, student]

Sophia: Hi, my name is Sophia and I am one of the very first students at Thornhill Park Primary School. We’re the first students to study at this brand new, exciting school. 

[We watch Sophia walk towards the school entrance]

Sophia: This is the library. 

[First a shot of a sign that reads ‘Library’ and then a panning shot from an orange, patterned ceiling down to the library. The short changes and we see Sophie sitting and reading on a bench with orange cushions.]

[Panning shot of an indoor basketball court. The camera follows Sophia as she picks up a netball and then shoots a goal.]

Sophia: We have this massive gym for sport. It's also where we'll have music and performing arts.

[Aerial panning shot of school site]

[Panning shot of outdoor sports courts with a basketball net. Sophia walks along the baseline. Behind her is a grey, one-storey building with a pop of orange]

Sophia: This is our outside space for us to play sports.

[Panning shot of outdoor recreation area. Sophia sits on a grassy patch. Behind her is a one-storey grey building with a pop of yellow. To the left is a playground covered by a shade sail]

[Aerial panning shot of school site]

[Sophia walks in front of a pink building. Then the view jumps to a sped-up shot of her walking down a purple corridor with white locker cubbies on each side]

Sophia: This is the learning community, which is where our classrooms are.

[Panning shot of a classroom interior. There are five tables surrounded by chairs and the walls are painted yellow.]

[We see Sophia walk into a reading nook with many green shelves.]

Sophia: This is where we can learn STEM, food technology, and art.

[The shot jumps to a classroom door sign that reads ‘STEM Lab’, then pans around the STEM classroom. Then we see a sign that reads ‘Art Studio’ and the camera pans around a pink art classroom with bench seats and a row of sinks.]

[The camera view switches to Sophia sitting in an orange reading nook with red and beige cushions]

Sophia: Welcome to Thornhill Park Primary School.

[Aerial panning shot of school site]

A white background appears with the VSBA and Victoria State Government logos. 

[On-screen text:

A black background appears and white text appears. 

[On-screen text: Authorised by The Victorian School Building Authority, 33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne] 

[Transcript ends] 


Reviewed 30 January 2023