Welcome to the Centre for Higher Education Studies

[Upbeat orchestral music plays throughout.]

[The video opens with a shot of the front of the building opposite a road. The CHES logo can be seen on the building. A car drives by.]

[4 students enter the building through a sliding door. They are talking to each other.]

[The camera pans across a reception desk, displaying the CHES logo.]

[On-screen text: CHES Centre For Higher Education Studies]

[The camera pans across a lecture theatre.]

[We see Student 1 speaking to the camera.]

Student 1: Going inside, you can notice that the classrooms are really laid out like a university. Classroom interaction and group activity is really encouraged.

[Student 2 is speaking to the camera.]

Student 2: It’s very modern, very technologically advanced. I loved how much nature was implemented in the building. 

[We see 6 students in lab coats, seated in a laboratory. They are smiling at the camera.]

[The camera pans vertically down through a light-filled atrium. Pathways are set among indoor trees and greenery.] 

Student 3: The building at CHES is really nicely facilitated. It's so nice. It's very cool. 

[The camera shows desks facing a stairway.] 

[We see a soft seating area with round tables.]

Student 2:  At my home school, we don't have many opportunities to learn about engineering or computer science, solving real world problems, especially here in algorithmics. I'm really excited to learn more about maths.

[6 students are working together at a round table in front of a large digital display screen on the wall.]

[Student 3 is speaking to the camera.] 

Student 3: You spend a lot of time at your host school with all the same people and it's really nice to be able to branch out, make some new friends, make some new connections. I really like the online model as well that they've got. It's very self-directed. 

[We see a landscaped rooftop space. The students are seated together, speaking to each other and smiling.]

[Student 2 is speaking to the camera.] 

Student 2: So I personally go to CHES on site because I enjoy the travel. It's nice to go to the city, but I always have the option of learning remotely. You get to see the whole class so it feels like you're actually there.

[We see the students walking through reception into the atrium.]

[The six students are seated on benches in the atrium. They are talking to each other and smiling.]

[Student 1 is speaking to the camera.]

Student 1: In each classroom we have these big screens and on them we have all of our other classmates who tune in from all around Victoria. So even though my classmate’s in Mildura, Bendigo, Kyneton, we're still able to interact and have a really great classroom environment.

[We see a teacher standing in front of a large digital display screen.]

[The camera pans across the CHES logo on the exterior of the building.]

A white background appears with the VSBA and Victoria State Government logos. 

[On-screen text: www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au] 

A black background appears and white text appears. 

[On-screen text: Authorised by The Victorian School Building Authority, 33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne] 

[Transcript ends]