Officer Brunt Road Primary School (interim name) - Introducing Sharon Mitchell

[On-screen text: Introducing your new principal]

[Upbeat music plays throughout]

A smiling woman comes gradually into focus as she walks towards us.

Sharon Mitchell (in voice over):  Hi, I'm Sharon Mitchell, and I'm really proud to be the foundation principal of your new school. 

We see Sharon walking up a stairway.

[On-screen text: Sharon Mitchell]

[On-screen text: Officer Brunt Road Primary School (interim name)]

Sharon enters a room and we see her speaking to someone off screen.

[On-screen text: What does great education look like to you?]

Sharon: Great education is when everyone comes together. So when we've got our students and their families, our staff and the wider community all collaborating, listening to each other and sharing knowledge – that’s when great things happen in our school. And that's when our students really thrive.

[On-screen text: What is your vision for the school?]

Sharon: To create a dynamic learning environment, where our students are supported to build the skills, knowledge and attitude that they need to become leaders in their community. We're really looking at creating that safe and inclusive space where our students can be supported, but challenged to really step out of their comfort zone, because we know that that's where great learning and growth happens.

[On-screen text: What was your journey into education?]

Sharon: So I've been in education now for around 15 years. Ten of those in a principal role working across a variety of school contexts in Gippsland and southern Melbourne. The most rewarding thing I believe in the job that I do is seeing the growth in everyone, whether it's in kids, that lightbulb moment happens for them and they're able to achieve – or whether it's staff as they learn new skills or a new way of doing things.

[On-screen text: What type of leader are you?]

Sharon: My leadership style is extremely collaborative, so I have a strong belief that we can do the best that we can for the students in our school when we're working together and collaborating, sharing our expertise and our knowledge and developing the learning programs that work for our kids.

[On-screen text: What environment will this school promote?]

Sharon: We know that a focus on wellbeing is just as important as a focus on strong literacy and numeracy skills for our students. So developing spaces where our students feel safe and supported will be a priority. 

[On-screen text: What are you looking forward to on day 1, Term 1?]

Sharon: Well, I know the sun will be shining on day 1 of Term one in 2024, and we'll be there in our welcome forecourt that's been designed purposefully for our students and their families to step into their learning community and their learning spaces. And I can't wait to see the smile on the kids’ faces.

A white background appears with the VSBA and Victoria State Government logos. 

[On-screen text:

A black background appears and white text appears. 

[On-screen text: Authorised by The Victorian School Building Authority, 33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne] 

[Transcript ends]