Katandra Berendale Special School (interim name) – design release

[Up-beat music plays throughout the video]

[The video opens with a smiling student. This fades to see the student and parent looking over an interior render of the school.]

[On-screen text: Katandra Berendale Special School (interim name) design release]

[A woman comes into view.]

[On-screen text: Juliet Cooper, Principal]

Juliet Cooper: The relocation and the upgrade will bring two wonderful schools together.

So, the schools have a really long history and past of wonderful experiences, wonderful teaching and learning, but they've always been working in isolation, but within close proximity.

[An aerial view of the Katandra site on Walsh Street outlined in green is shown on screen.]

[On-screen text: Walsh Street, Current Katandra site]

[A map of the Hampton East and surrounding Melbourne suburbs is shown. The current Walsh Street Katandra site and Berend Street merged school site are identified with a circle and a dotted line linking them.]

[On-screen text: Walsh Street, Current Katandra site]
[On-screen text: Berend Street, Merged school site]

Juliet: This merge actually allows the two schools to come together and learn from each other through the specialist staff that they have. It allows both groups of students to have access to a range of experienced teachers and allied health workers.

[A site map is shown of the current Berend Street campus. This fades to an indicative school map of the new, merged Berend Street campus. There are new buildings such as a Junior Hub, Middle Years building and STEAM Centre.]

[The camera pans across an illustrated render of what the school will look like once complete. It shows an aerial view of the centre of the school from outside.]

[On-screen text: Artist impression only, subject to change]

[On-screen text: Fiona Wallis, Parent]

Fiona Wallis: I think there's many ways in which the school community will benefit from the merged facilities.

[The camera pans across an illustrated render of the school, showing a future classroom]

[On-screen text: Artist impression only, subject to change]

Fiona: In the new building there are going to be specialised art and STEM spaces. I'm a science teacher myself at another school, and I just think that having that specialised learning space will really enhance learning of the students here.

[The camera cuts to a student who is sitting down and pointing to a render on a table.]

[On-screen text: Jasper Wallis, Student]

Jasper Wallis: Say this is a classroom, if I'm not mistaken, then you can come through here and then you can just be outside, good, quick way. Say if I sat here and all my friends were here - around here - it'd be good because they have enough space for everyone. Not just like one seat.

[The camera pans across an illustrated render of the school, showing school buildings around an outdoor learning space.]

[On-screen text: Artist impression only, subject to change]

[Jasper continues to point at the render as the camera zooms into the detail of the outdoor seating area.]

[The principal, Juliet Cooper, comes into view.]

Juliet: I am really looking forward to having all of the students on one site in close proximity. So the ability for our students to buddy up with each other, to have junior students being mentored by senior students, by having the ability to have peer collaboration, peer modelling in terms of behaviours and learning through each other is a really wonderful opportunity for our kids. 

[Jasper and Fiona come to screen, Jasper is pointing and smiling at an interior view of a future classroom.]

[Fiona comes into view.]

Fiona: The continuity for students going through from foundation through to Year 12 will be great. Many of our children have difficulties with change, so I think that reducing the change throughout their schooling will only benefit their learning in the long term.

[Juliet comes into view.]

Juliet: Our students will benefit from the new facilities because the opportunity to move into brand new buildings specifically built for students with additional needs.

[Jasper comes to view.]

Jasper: Good to see the younger kids because they might need someone to look after them maybe, as well, just to help them get into – settle into a new place.

A white background appears with the VSBA and Victoria State Government logos.

[On-screen text: www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au]

A black background appears and white text appears.

[On-screen text: Authorised by The Victorian School Building Authority, 33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne]

[Transcript ends]