Merri-bek North Education Plan


Education Plan

About the project

The Victorian Government is transforming local education through the Merri-bek North Education Plan. Work on the plan began in 2022.

We are coordinating the development of a plan to support education provision in the Merri-bek North area.

The plan will identify and respond to community needs and address the unique challenges and strengths of the community and students. It will also promote a safe and supportive student environment, emphasising excellent teaching, quality facilities and student-focused learning.

The schools involved in the plan are:

Under the plan, the four school communities will be more connected to share their expertise and resources while supporting all students to succeed and achieve their goals.

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  • Education Plan

For more information on learning programs and partnerships this plan is delivering, please visit the Department of Education.

This is one of several education plans we are involved in. To learn more about the new buildings, upgraded facilities or community consultations connected to others across the state, please visit the VSBA Education Plans page.

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