Monash Children's Hospital School

246 Clayton Road Clayton 3168

New School

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The above dates are forecast only and subject to change.

About the project

We have built the Monash Children’s Hospital School, located within the new Monash Children’s Hospital building.

The new school provides educational services to approximately 170 students per day with serious medical and mental health conditions who are inpatients in the Monash Children’s Hospital, while they are outpatients in the community, or recovering at home before returning to school. 

The new building includes 4 multi-purpose rooms and a student entertainment system to use for educational purposes. 

Students can video conference with their regular school using new technology installed on each hospital bed, and also receive teaching at their bedside or in classrooms within the hospital. iPads are available to support their learning. 

This a partnership between Monash Health, Monash Children’s Hospital and the Department of Education to provide tailored services to children so they don’t fall behind in their education.


$6.8 million was allocated to this project

Funding type

  • New School