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Movelle Kindergarten

45 Gum Rd Kings Park 3021

Kindergarten on a School Site

  1. Start

    Q4 2021

  2. Planning

  3. Design

  4. Construction

  5. Finish

    Q1 2023

The above dates are forecast only and subject to change.

About the project

We are building a new kindergarten at Movelle Primary School.

This 2-room centre will provide 66 kindergarten places and will open into an outdoor learning and play space.

Having the kindergarten and school together may help local children make a smoother transition into primary school and can also make drop-off time simpler for some families.


This project shares in $283 million provided in the 2019–20 State Budget for Three-Year-Old Kindergarten funding, delivered over four years.

Funding type
Kindergarten on a School Site
  • Construction of Movelle Kindergarten is underway.

    This kindergarten is being built using modular construction, which means the bulk of the building works will take place off-site.

    Builders will start to prepare the local construction site in late August and the kindergarten is planned to open for Term 1, 2023.

  • Kindergartens built using modular construction are an efficient solution for delivering quality buildings in short timeframes.

    They are constructed in a factory in sections known as “modules”. These modules are delivered to the kindergarten site, where builders assemble them, connect utilities and complete outdoor areas.

    Constructing the modules offsite minimises disruptions to the community and kindergarten. The process also reduces the time required for a traditional build and gives children faster access to high-quality learning environments.

    Learn more about Modular Kindergarten facilities.

  • For information on kindergarten enrolments, please contact Brimbank City CouncilExternal Link by emailing, or phone (03) 9249 4000.

Movelle Primary School and Kindergarten - site map

Movelle Primary School and Kindergarten - site map

This image shows a site plan of the Movelle Primary School and Kindergarten vehicle access, set down and pick-up zones.

Kinterbury Drive and Gum Road are marked up.

Also marked up is:

  • Movelle Primary School
  • Movelle Kindergarten
  • kindergarten car park
  • pick-up and set down area
  • temporary gravel path
  • Movelle Primary School car park
  • pedestrian access (Kinterbury Drive)
Download Movelle Primary School and Kindergarten - site map

Movelle Kindergarten - floor plan

Movelle Kindergarten - illustrated floor plan
Movelle Kindergarten - floor plan

This is a floor plan for Movelle Kindergarten.

Marked up is:

  • 2 x children’s rooms
  • a toilet
  • storage
  • resource
  • kitchen
  • circulation
  • main entry
  • staff lounge
  • laundry
  • accessible toilet
  • meeting room
  • office.
Download Movelle Kindergarten - floor plan

Movelle Kindergarten - indicative landscape plan

Movelle Kindergarten - indicative landscape plan, illustration
Movelle Kindergarten - indicative landscape plan

This indicative landscape plan is for Movelle Kindergarten.

The site is bordered by Resurrection Catholic School, Gum Road and Movelle Primary School.

Marked up on the plan is:

  • Movelle Kindergarten
  • 2 x storage
  • a car park
  • a soft fall play area
  • decking
  • sand pit
  • pathway
  • swing set
  • soft fall mulch.
Download Movelle Kindergarten - indicative landscape plan

Watch how modular kindergartens are assembled

Kyneton Kindergarten is a modular kindergarten, which opened next to Kyneton Primary School in 2022.

It took just 8 weeks from delivery of the modular building to the kindergarten site to complete the project. Landscaping began a few weeks before the modules were delivered and was completed in line with the building works.

Reviewed 15 December 2022

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