Orbost Community College

20 Arnold St Orbost 3888

Upgrade and Modernisation

  • Start

    Q2 2021
  • Planning

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Finish

    Q1 2024

The above dates are forecast only and subject to change.

About the project

We supported 2 local primary schools and one secondary school to come together to form a new P–12 college in Orbost.

Orbost Community College is the name of the new P–12 college, which opened in 2024. The school is located on the Orbost Secondary College site.

The merger combined Orbost Primary School, Orbost North Primary School, and Orbost Secondary College. It will provide students with first-rate facilities and greater opportunities.

Completed work

The first stage of the project included building a new food technology building and relocating the canteen to a refurbished space in the school hall.

The next stage included:

  • demolishing a teaching building
  • constructing a new junior building
  • extending the administration building
  • landscaping.

Site and features

New learning spaces for students of every ability with:

  • a modern food technology building
  • multi-purpose classrooms in a junior learning hub
  • expanded contemporary staffroom
  • basketball court and outdoor stage area.

The Orbost Regeneration Project

The new college is the result of years of work between the 3 school communities. 

In 2019 a working party was formed. It included the principals, and school council representatives from each school. It will continue to identify, develop, and explore all options to ensure the best possible educational opportunities are available to all students in the Orbost area.

The key areas of focus will be:

  • developing a school that provides for all students and families in their community
  • improving the quality and consistency of teaching and wellbeing practices, boosting their ability to attract and retain quality staff
  • improving the school's ability to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum across a range of subject areas.

We will work with each school community to ensure we capture its history and bring its identity to the new P–12 college.


In the 2021–22 State Budget, the school received $7.271 million. In 2022 the school was allocated a further $1,198,228.

Funding type

  • Upgrade and Modernisation

Orbost Community College - site plan

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