Our customer service commitment

Commitment statement

We support our customers and seek to understand their needs and aspirations. We are responsive, respectful and approachable. We are transparent and accountable and public service leaders. We act with integrity, remain impartial and uphold and value human rights. We listen and respond to requests and feedback in a reasonable time. We strive to achieve service excellence and ensure our customers feel supported, engaged and heard.

We also expect our customers to work positively with us by showing our staff the same respect, responsiveness and integrity.

Our minimum service standards

  • Providing a contact number for you to call between 9 am and 5 pm from Monday to Friday.
  • Providing an email for you to contact at any time.
  • Acknowledging we have received your call or email within 3 business days, and responding to you within 10 business days.
  • Notifying you if we will not meet our usual timeframe for response.
  • Providing clear, comprehensive, accurate, and timely information.
  • Taking responsibility for the customer’s whole experience with our organisation.
  • Supporting customers to find the information they need.
  • Communicating in formats which are accessible to everyone.
  • Using translation or interpreting services for non-English speakers.
  • Not disclosing your personal information, unless required by law.

Our values and behaviours

Feedback and complaints

How it works

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can make a complaint or give us feedback.

Please follow these steps.

Step 1: Discuss your complaint with the relevant staff member or team (where applicable).

Step 2: Use the form below to:

  • lodge a formal complaint or
  • give us feedback.

We want to know if:

  • you feel a service or program is unsatisfactory
  • you did not receive enough information
  • we did not meet our customer service standards
  • you were denied respect, dignity or privacy
  • you have an integrity or ethical concern about our organisation
  • you have feedback about our procurement activities (for example a tender or request for quote process)

If your complaint is about a school or privacy concern, visit Provide feedback or make a complaint to the Department of Education.

Please contact us via vsba@education.vic.gov.au or 1800 896 950 if you wish to use an alternative method to the feedback and complaints form below.

Giving us feedback

We use feedback to improve our programs and service.

How we respond to feedback

  1. Within 1 business day: Acknowledge we have received your feedback.
  2. Within 3 weeks: Respond to your feedback (if you have requested a response and provided your contact details).
  3. Within 4 weeks: We close the ticket unless you request further information or a review of our response.
  4. Within additional 5 business days: We respond to your further request and close the ticket, if still required.


Making a complaint

We treat all complaints with respect and confidentiality.

In your complaint, please include:

  • how and when you worked with us
  • what the issue is
  • the outcome you expect
  • your contact details (unless you want to remain anonymous)
  • any other relevant information.

To resolve complaints, we follow these steps:

  1. Within 1 business day: Acknowledge we have received your complaint.
  2. Within 3 weeks: Thoroughly investigate the complaint and communicate our decisions or corrective actions to you.
  3. Within 4 weeks: Close the complaint, unless you tell us you are not satisfied with our response. You may request further resolution by calling or emailing us within this timeframe.
  4. Within 6 weeks: Engage in further resolution steps with you, if required.
  5. Within 8 weeks: Advise you of our review’s outcome and any further corrective actions.

If you remain unsatisfied, you can refer your complaint to the Victorian Ombudsman.

Give us feedback or lodge a complaint

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