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Nganboo Borron School

2 Frome Cr Werribee 3030

New School

  1. Start

    Q2 2022

  2. Planning

  3. Design

  4. Construction

  5. Finish

    Q1 2024

The above dates are forecast only and subject to change.

About the project

We’re building a new specialist school in Werribee. It will open day one of Term 1 in 2024 and help the growing local population get a great education close to home. It will be able to enrol up to 148 students.

Walcom Ngarrwa Secondary College will be located next to the school.

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Enrolments are open

The school will provide educational programs for students with mild to profound intellectual disability.

Read our frequently asked questions about enrolment below.


In the 2022–23 State Budget, the school shared in $527.233 million allocated for new schools.

Funding type
New School
  • What is a specialist school?

    A specialist school is an education setting that accommodates and provides specialised education programs for students with specific disability and high needs.

    Who can enrol at this school?

    Nganboo Borron School has specific enrolment criteria, and students must meet these criteria to enrol at the school.

    The school will cater for students from 5 to 18 years old with mild to profound intellectual disability. Further details about the school’s enrolment policy can be obtained by contacting the school.

    Learn more about the support available for students with intellectual disabilityExternal Link

    What do parents need to do before enrolling their child at this school?

    Before enrolling, your child will need to have completed a full assessment. You must provide the results of this assessment to support your child’s enrolment. In most cases, students are initially assessed at kindergarten or in their early school years.

    Learn more about getting your child assessed for intellectual disabilityExternal Link

    Can a child with another disability, including physical disability, enrol at this school?

    Students with a disability, including a physical disability, have the right to attend their local government mainstream school. To enrol at Nganboo Borron School, your child must have a diagnosed intellectual disability in line with the enrolment criteria. Students with intellectual disability may have co-occurring health conditions or other disabilities. The school has been designed to cater for students with a range of needs.

    How do I enrol?

    If your child has been formally assessed and diagnosed with intellectual disability in line with the enrolment criteria, they are eligible to enrol at Nganboo Borron School.

    If your child meets the above criteria, please email

    Does Nganboo Borron School have a zone?

    Specialist schools do not have school zones. Nganboo Borron School will consider enrolment applications from all eligible students regardless of where they live. However, applications from eligible students may be prioritised in order of closeness to the school if the school has insufficient accommodation to accept all eligible applicants.

    How can I get my child to this school?

    Whilst parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from school, the department provides additional travel assistance through the following programs:

    Learn more about getting to and from school for students with disabilityExternal Link

    What are the benefits of the Conveyance Allowance Program?

    The conveyance allowance supports transport costs, including public transport costs. It does not cover full costs; however, it can assist families, parents and carers by contributing funds towards the costs. The school will be able to provide more information on the different supports offered through the conveyance allowance.

    What is a designated transport area for school transport?

    If you live in the designated transport area for Nganboo Borron School, your child may be eligible for transport assistance through the Students with Disabilities Transport Program.

    Check whether you live within the school’s designated transport areaExternal Link

    Will Nganboo Borron School have a school bus?

    From 2024, there will be school buses to service eligible students that live within the school’s designated transport area. Bus route designs are underway. The school will share proposed bus routes with families later this year.

    What other travel options are available for families?

    Where possible, the department encourages students to use active travel (walk, ride) to attend school. Students may be eligible for discounted travel through a child Myki card or a Victorian Student Pass where public transport may better suit your family.

    Learn more about travelling to schoolExternal Link

    Where can I find more information?

    You can learn more about available supports and servicesExternal Link in government schools for families of children living with disability and additional needs.

    To discuss your child’s eligibility to attend Nganboo Borron School please contact your regional office who can provide more information surrounding the school’s enrolment criteria on 1300 333 232 or email

    Download this information as a Word document

  • Nganboo Borron School was chosen as this new school’s name following a two-week community consultation. Nganboo Borron (pronounced naan-boo bore-on) are Wadawurrung words meaning children first, nurturing on your shoulder.

    We used Lollypop Creek Specialist School as an interim name while the school was being planned and designed.

  • Michele Marcu was appointed as principal of the new school.

    Michele has over 20 years of experience working in the education and disability sectors. She is passionate about ensuring all students have access to the best possible programs and supports. Michele looks forward to creating a culture of inclusion at Nganboo Borron School. She is eager to connect with the community throughout 2023.

  • When the school opens in Term 1, 2024, it will include:

    • an administration and library building
    • 2 learning neighbourhoods (junior & senior)
    • a community hub
    • outdoor play spaces
    • a hardcourt
    • a carpark.

    Students will have great modern learning areas with air conditioning and heating. Outside, they will have shade sails for sun protection. We have designed the school to be environmentally sustainable and easy to manage.

  • Across late 2021 and during early–mid 2022, we consulted with local Traditional Owners, represented by the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation to endorse the design of this new school.

    We sought feedback and advice on:

    • local Indigenous plantings
    • cultural stories and histories
    • translations of Indigenous words
    • design elements that could enhance cultural education and understanding

Lollypop Creek Specialist School (interim name) – indicative site plan

An indicative site plan of new school Lollypop Creek Specialist School (interim name)
Lollypop Creek Specialist School (interim name) – indicative site plan

This image shows the indicative site plan for Lollypop Creek Specialist School (interim name).

The plan shows these buildings and facilities:

  • an administration and library building
  • a junior learning neighbourhood (classrooms)
  • a senior learning neighbourhood (classrooms)
  • a community hub
  • an outdoor hard court
  • a carpark
  • outdoor play spaces.

A sectioned off area at the top of the plan shows that Lollypop Creek Secondary School (interim name) is on the same site.

Frome Crescent is marked up along the bottom of the plan. Armstrong Road is to the right.

The bottom of the image says Opening from Term 1 2024.

Download Lollypop Creek Specialist School (interim name) – indicative site plan

Reviewed 18 September 2023

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