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2023-24 State Budget - banner image, Thornhill Park Primary School

In the 2023–24 State Budget, the Victorian Government is investing $3.2 billion to build, expand and modernise schools and kindergartens across the state.

This investment includes more than $2 billion to:

  • build 9 new schools to open across 2025 and 2026
  • plan and begin early works for 3 future new schools
  • add additional stages to 2 new schools
  • purchase land for future schools
  • upgrade 47 schools across Victoria including expanding the capacity at 4 schools to provide space for rapidly growing enrolments
  • plan for 54 more school upgrade projects.

This investment also includes a further $1.2 billion for early childhood infrastructure projects, which builds on the $1.5 billion provided last year to support the rollout of Best Start, Best LifeExternal Link . Together this will:

The Budget also includes:

  • $331 million to maintain our schools. This includes $103.5 million for the Planned Maintenance Program, which funds repairs and essential school maintenance to refurbish buildings and infrastructure in the poorest condition.
  • $10 million to improve learning spaces as well as the condition and character of schools through the Minor Capital Works Fund.
  • $10 million for Round 9 of the Inclusive Schools Fund to support equity and inclusion in our schools.
  • $25 million to deliver therapy pools at several government specialist schools.
  • $450 million to continue the Non-Government Schools Capital Fund for the next 4 years.

From the latest investment in great local schools, it will support almost 3,800 new jobs in construction and associated industries, including more than 2,770 in metropolitan Melbourne and around 1,030 in regional Victoria.

The latest investment in early childhood infrastructure is expected to support around 5,200 new jobs in construction and associated industries.

  • The Minister for Education will send a letter to each school receiving funding, outlining what the funding amount includes, details of any training required and key contacts.

    What is being built at my school?

    Further details about specific projects will be available on project pages.

    Some schools will have received funding to begin planning and designing an upgrade project; others will be funded to begin or complete construction.

    We tailor every building project to the needs of the school and school community. This starts with your school creating a 5-year asset management plan to guide maintenance and upgrade works.

    The foundation of the plan is your school's 'educational vision', looking at the curriculum areas that they want to develop or enhance over the next 5 years. Schools create this in consultation with staff and students, and we provide training to help them through the process.

  • Building a new school is a bit different, because there is no existing school staff or community to develop an asset management plan. Learn more about new schools.

    Learn more about new schools.

  • The government-owned and operated centres will be built where they are most needed.

    In some cases, they may be co-located with services like maternal and child health services and playgroups. We’ll work with local government and the community to plan each centre.

    We’ll locate the centres at, or alongside, schools, hospitals, TAFEs and other major employers to make childcare accessible and convenient for working parents and carers.

Reviewed 24 May 2023

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