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In its 2022–23 Budget, the Victorian Government is investing $1.8 billion to build new schools and improve existing ones.

This latest investment will help students across Victoria access a quality education at a great local school by:

  • funding the build of 13 new schools
  • purchasing land for another 15 new schools
  • constructing additional stages of 4 new schools
  • upgrading 36 special schools and 31 mainstream schools

$290.4 million for upgrades at 31 mainstream schools, which includes:

  • $234 million for better classrooms and facilities at 29 mainstream schools
  • $56.4 million to expand 2 mainstream schools in high-growth areas, creating more student places ready for the 2025 school year.

$326 million for upgrades at 36 special schools means that every Victorian special school will have received a major upgrade since 2015. Every student at every special school across the state will have more modern and better equipped learning environments that make it easier for them to achieve their full potential.

The Budget also includes:

  • $41.8 million through the Minor Capital Works Fund for smaller-scale projects to improve learning conditions and the character and condition of schools.
  • $92.2 million for new relocatable buildings to provide extra places in 2023 for schools with fast-growing enrolments.
  • $247.3 million over four years for essential maintenance and compliance to make sure schools are safe, modern and properly maintained. This includes $120 million for the Planned Maintenance Program and $10 million for the Accessible Buildings Program.
  • $11.9 million as part of the Building Blocks – Inclusion program to make kindergartens more accessible and inclusive for young people with a disability or additional needs.

This investment will create almost 3,900 additional jobs in construction and related industries – with more than 3,100 jobs in metropolitan Melbourne and 750 in regional Victoria.

  • The Minister for Education will send a letter to each school receiving funding, outlining what the funding amount includes, details of any training required and key contacts.

    What is being built at my school?

    Further details about specific projects will be available on project pages.

    Some schools will have received funding to begin planning and designing an upgrade project; others will be funded to begin or complete construction.

    We tailor every building project to the needs of the school and school community. This starts with your school creating a 5-year asset management plan to guide maintenance and upgrade works.

    The foundation of the plan is your school's 'educational vision', looking at the curriculum areas that they want to develop or enhance over the next 5 years. Schools create this in consultation with staff and students, and we provide training to help them through the process.

  • Building a new school is a bit different, because there is no existing school staff or community to develop an asset management plan. Learn more about the new schools.

    Learn more about the new schools.

Reviewed 01 November 2022

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