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Our school design - Greater Shepparton Secondary College

I thought that design were 





Oh wow, it's huge!

Like who would come up with those great designs? 

[on screen text]
Students have just had a sneak peek at the new designs

[Abdul, Year 8]
My favourite thing about it was the ovals. Like, there was two ovals. 

[Mackenzie, Year 8]
I thought the buildings were very modern and they could feel a lot of students in each building. 

[Tiana, Year 7]
Before I saw the designs I felt excited about what was going to happen but I was still a little bit clueless. And now that I've seen the designs I feel a little confident in where I'm going. 

[Ieashya, Year 12]
it's cool to see it all come together and I really wish that I was going there instead of graduating this year.

[Ebony, Year 12]
Shepparton needs a new school and I think it will look really good.

The video ends with the Department of Education logo. 

Reviewed 07 December 2021