Shepparton Education Plan - community engagement

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The Shepparton Education Plan will transform student outcomes from early years to senior secondary and beyond.  
The first stage is the merger of four secondary school into one brand new school.

The Shepparton Education Plan for me, it means better opportunities, better educational facilities for my future

And I think this one school will be so much easier for everybody, so you don't need to travel from school to school. Getting more time to learn instead of going on bus trips and car trips to different schools.

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Site of the new school

It's going to bring the community more together because all their kids are going to the same school so they're going to learn to acknowledge and respect each other.

Overall it will provide better facilities for the students and a better environment for everyone to be in, with better learning opportunities.

The way we can meet the challenges of merging the four schools together is having your voice heard. Brochures were given out to students, word-of-mouth, it was posted on social media, there was consultation sessions, which is pretty good. People who wanted to go got their voice heard which was the most important part.

I have been going to a few meetings and our main topic is actually the four schools combination. And that was where we made our own opinions about it.

I went to the local Turkish mosque. Got asked questions, got to give my opinions, got my voice heard which was really good. And I enjoyed it.

[Simone Gale, Parent]
It was a real honour to be invited to join the strategic advisory committee as a parent. The community engagement programs that have been run have helped people give their opinion and give their ideas and give their comments that can help form exactly what we need and what we want and what we're looking for in Shepparton. It's very exciting.

[Cord Sadler, Department of Education]
The kids at V.C.E. today in 2018 will be working in 2060. What is the skill set that they need?
They need to be critical thinkers, they need to be lifelong learners, they need to have problem-solving skills.
They will have multiple jobs across the course of their career, jobs that we won't have even thought of now. 
The overarching message about this plan for the community is that this is about offering kids opportunity and pathways.

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