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Inside McKinnon Secondary College - East Campus

The audio on this video is backing music and people speaking.

[Upbeat music]

[music plays throughout]

A drone shot from high above, we slowly zoom in on a brand-new modern blue and white building in a suburban neighbourhood. Shot fades to a translucent white as text appears.

[on screen text]
McKinnon Secondary College
East Campus
Opening Term 1, 2022

A young boy is smiling at camera.

My name is Elliot. I'm one of the first students to be starting at this brand-new east campus.

A shot of the school’s blue sign with the new four-storey school building in the background.

A man in a blue suit, white shirt, and blue patterned tie is smiling at the camera.

Hi, I'm Michael Kan, the new campus principal of the East Campus of McKinnon Secondary College.

A tilt-shot of the front of the new school campus building. Lots of shiny glass and blue panels.

We see Elliot walking up the architecturally designed staircase in the main foyer area.

I'm looking forward to using all the classrooms and facilities that McKinnon has to offer here.

We follow Elliot as he explores the new school campus. A shot of a new classroom. A shot of a seating area with a lounge, stools, small tables, and a window that stretches up multiple storeys to allow lots of light in.

The new campus will mean more students for our school, and the new campus will host students from year eight and year nine. The facilities will include a four storey building running the full length of the site. A modern learning environment for science, technology, design and art. Gymnasium with retractable seating in which we can gather the whole school community for assemblies.

We see Elliot sitting in a study area with views up and down the central atrium. A shot of the new lockers with Elliot opening one. We see Elliot sitting in one of the new classrooms. 

A panning shot of the front of the new school campus showing off the four-storey building stretching over the length of the site. A shot of the atrium. 

Elliot stands in one of the new electronics workshops with moveable mechanicals arms suspended from the roof. We see Elliot walk through a very modern-looking preparation area with wooden paneling on the ceiling and lots of clean, white counter space and cupboards.

Elliot walks into the new gymnasium and looks around. The camera does a slow pan so we can see the retractable seating against the wall, the basketball hoop at the back of the court, and the large electronic screen and audio equipment suspended from the roof.

I'm really looking forward to playing basketball in the gym with my friends. 

We see a shot of a lounge area with a view through a floor-to-ceiling window to the outdoor courts and the front façade of the school campus. Cut to a shot of a classroom ceiling with ceiling fans, sound proofing panels, and the lights turning on.

We see Elliot exiting the central lift.

I think this new campus is really modern and awesome, and I think it will suit all the kids that will be coming here. 

We see Elliot at the top of a set of internal stairs and wood-finished seating area. He walks into a classroom and we see how the classrooms are divided with sliding doors.

We see a tilt-shot of the interior atrium space and we see how it extends from the top storey all the way to the bottom floor with many balconies, walkways, and lots of glass panels. We cut to a shot outside with Elliot sitting on the edge of a garden bed. He is dwarfed by the exterior of the building as the camera tilts up to the sky.

Welcome to McKinnon Secondary College.

The video ends with the Victorian School Building Authority logo and website URL []. The elements of the logo are animated on a white background.

[End of transcript]

Reviewed 21 February 2022