What is a modular kindergarten?

The audio on this video is backing music and people speaking.

[Upbeat music]

Kindergarten children filter quickly out of a doorway. They are wearing hats.

[on-screen text]
What is a modular kindergarten?

To meet the growing demand for Three- and Four-Year-Old Kinder, we’ve developed a purpose-built solution to make sure we can provide the best quality buildings in a way that minimises disruption for communities. We can go in as quickly as possible to meet growing demand.

There is a close-up shot of a child’s hand painting on white paper.

There is a close-up shot over the shoulder of a child colouring in a sheet of paper with a pink pencil.

Five children in a classroom are dancing in slow motion; they are hugging their chests and smiling.

We see the exterior of a modular kindergarten building. A ramp with metal handrails leads up to a deck with black bars.

We then see the deck and the exterior glass windows and doors of the building.

We see the inside of the modular kindergarten building – it is a big and empty room with glass windows and doors. There is no furniture. There is a bathroom at the back of the room.

We see a kitchen area with a stove and range top next to white benches. The floor has a wood finish.

The camera pans across the main room again, showing the space and some empty shelving units along the back wall.

Modular buildings provide really high quality, accessible learning spaces for all kids and they can be delivered in a really efficient way.

We are then shown the inside of the factory where the modular building components are being welded together. Workers in fluorescent clothing are undertaking different construction activities. We see a large metal framework of an assembled modular building.

The video shows a close up of a worker wearing a welding mask. His welding iron sparks blue flames as he joins pieces of metal.

We see a portion of a grey modular building with a deck on the back of a truck. It is being reversed onto a construction site. A worker in fluorescent workwear guides the truck into the driveway.

The modular building section is lowered using a crane onto the site of the established modular building. Workers guide the section using ropes.

To do this we work in partnership with our local government colleagues who really understand the services in their communities and really understand the needs of their kids and staff.

We see a completed modular kindergarten behind a playground with a swing, climbing frames, mulch and children playing with trucks.

We see another playground with a wooden patio, many toy trucks and children playing.

We see another completed modular kindergarten building behind a playground with a wooden swing set, large sandpit and slide.We see the deck of this building, it is shaded and has a high black metal fence.

We see inside a modular kindergarten building – it is full of furniture including wooden shelving, tables and play equipment, plants and a couch.

[On-screen text]
Louise. Educator, Kalkallo Preschool.

Louise speaks to the camera. She is inside a modular kindergarten, there are children around a table behind her.

When I first walked in, I was surprised by how big it was and it was nice to come in when it was a very open, empty space so we could kind of modify it how we wanted it to work to meet the needs of the children within the group. If an area’s not working for us, we can completely re-modify the area, so it works for what we need it to do.

We pan across an empty kindergarten room, showing glass windows and the bathroom. The shot transitions to show the same room full of furniture, curtains, baskets and art supplies.

We see another angle on the room, full of furniture and paintings hanging on a drying rack.

The video then shows an aerial shot of a modular kindergarten building. It has a large outdoor learning area with green grass, white pathways and a large playground covered by a three, blue shade cloths.

A white overlay covers the screen. Text on a red background appears.

[On-screen text]
Check out the Building Blocks Capacity Building Grants page to apply for a fully-funded modular kinder grant.

We see an outside play area with lots of bushes and flowers. Children ride past on tricycles. As the last child rides towards camera, his hat almost blows off because he’s going so fast.

The video ends with the Victorian School Building Authority logo and website URL [www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au]. The elements of the logo are animated on a white background.

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Authorised by The Victorian School Building Authority 33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne.

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