Oakleigh South Primary School – design release

[up-beat music begins and will play throughout the video] 


We are shown an aerial view of a map. A red line traces an area on the map. 


A white background appears with red text. 


[On-screen text: Oakleigh Education Plan

Oakleigh South 

Primary School]


This text fades and we are shown some more red text. 


[On-screen text: $8.847 million to design and upgrade Oakleigh South Primary School] 


This text fades and we are shown some more red text. 


[On-screen text: The school is one of 3 involved in the Oakleigh Education Plan, which is rejuvenating and reforming education across Oakleigh.] 


Ron Cantlon appears on screen speaking to someone off-camera. 


[On-screen text: Ron Cantlon 



Ron Cantlon: Oakleigh South Primary School sees itself as a community school, and we have 20 to 30 users after school, at the weekends, so they'll benefit from all the changes that are being made.


The camera pans across an illustrated render of the upgrades to the school. 


Nadia appears on the screen speaking to someone off-camera


[On-screen text: Nadia 



Nadia Parent: New learning environments provide energised environments for students and teachers alike, and studies actually show that children perform better when with less stress, when there are things like adequate lighting and thermal conditions.


Jayden appears on-screen speaking to someone off-camera.  


[On-screen text: Jayden



Jayden Student: What I look forward to the most and probably be like the classrooms are probably going to be more spacious. 


Hannah appears on-screen speaking to someone off camera. 


[On-screen text: Hannah 



Hannah Student: Actually, learning becomes really more fun and more like it's more enjoyable.


Finn now appears on-screen, speaking to someone off-camera. 

Finn Student: Really shows you that we're cared for in this in the school and not just here to be taught. We're here to be taken care of.


The camera pans across another illustrated render of the upgrades to the school. 


Nadia appears on screen again. 


Nadia: The kitchen classroom is certainly something that I can't wait to see in progress. The students already have an amazing sustainability program in the village that I feel that the new kitchen is going to be able to help them immerse further into that program and enjoy that. 


We see more illustrated renders of the classrooms and breakout areas. 


Nadia is speaking to someone off-camera. 


Nadia: New facilities create increased interest from the community. It becomes more than a school, it becomes a community centre because other people can start using the facilities for their own purposes. And increased community engagement leads to children wanting to bring their skills back out into the community and helps that continual community development.


We pan across a final illustrated render of the exterior of the upgrade. 


A white background appears with red text


[On-screen text: Visit the VSBA website to keep up to date with construction and to view the designs.] 

The Victorian School Building Authority and Victoria State Government logos appear on a white background.

[on-screen text: www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au

A black background appears with white text. 

[On-screen text: Authorised by
The Victorian School Building Authority
33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne] 

[End transcript]