Footscray High School - Kinnear Campus | Design release

[up-beat music begins and will play throughout the video] 


We are shown an aerial view of a map of Footscray. A red line traces an area on the map. 


A white background appears with red text. 


[On-screen text: Footscray Learning Precinct
Footscray High School
Kinnear Campus] 


This text fades and we are shown some more red text. 


[On-screen text: $25.289 million to bring to life stage 2 of the Footscray High - Kinnear Campus upgrade] 


This text fades and we are shown some more red text. 


[On-screen text: The campus is part of the Footscray Learning Precinct, which champions excellence in learning and teaching in Melbourne’s inner west at all stages of education.] 


This text fades and we are shown illustrated renders of the school’s upgrade. 


[Voice over of Vicki Tentzoglidis] 


Vicki Tentzoglidis: The upgrade and modernisation of the Kinnear campus will give every young person that opportunity to continue to receive a world class education in a modern state-of-the-art facility…


Vicki appears on screen talking to someone off-camera. 


[On-screen text: Vicki Tentzoglidis
Campus Principal] 


Vicki:…that enhances and prepares our young people for pathways beyond Footscray High School.


We are then shown a school student speaking to someone off-camera. 


[On-screen text: Alice


Alice Student: The new facilities will enhance our learning and promote student voice by allowing students to lead discussions.


We are shown more illustrated renders of the new school facilities. 


[Voice-over of Vicki begins again]


Vicki: The actual modernisation of Kinnear builds on the richness and diversity of our local community. It provides young people with those opportunities to learn differently…


Vicki appears on screen again, speaking about the plan. 

Vicki: …by embracing our offerings in subject-based specialist rooms flowing outwards into our open spaces, allowing for student-led teamwork and discussion.


Alice appears on screen again. 


Alice: I'm really excited about the new facilities at our school. 


We are shown another illustrated render of the new designs for the school. 


[Voice-over of Alice]

Alice: They'll better our learning and create a positive space for everyone.


The camera continues to pan across the illustrated render. 


Vicki appears on camera. 


Vicki: The new outdoor spaces will flow from the learning community areas, creating that seamless transition from indoor to outdoor learning.


Alice appears on camera. 


Alice: The aspect I'm most looking forward to with the new facilities is the VCE Centre…


We pan across an illustrated render of the new library. 



Alice: …as it will create a positive space for senior students to communicate and study and discuss together.


Vicki appears on screen again. 


Vicki: We are very excited about how the project will change student learning and serve our community.


Alice speaks to someone off-camera again. 


Alice: As a person who's lived in Footscray all my life, having a new school and having these new facilities is really exciting.


A white background appears with red text


[On-screen text: Visit the VSBA website to keep up to date with construction and to view the designs.] 


The Victorian School Building Authority and Victoria State Government logos appear on a white background.

[on-screen text:

A black background appears with white text. 

[On-screen text: Authorised by
The Victorian School Building Authority
33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne] 

[End transcript]