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Rockbank Murray Road Primary Primary School (interim name) | Introducing Darryl Spiteri

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[On-screen text: Meet your new principal

Introducing Darryl Spiteri] 

[On-screen text: Rockbank Murray Road Primary School (interim name)] 

Darryl Spiteri: Hi, I'm Darryl Spiteri, I'm excited to be your new principal. 

[On-screen text: What will be important to your new school?]

Darryl: For me, community is a really big deal. Making sure that we have a really strong community and making students feel like they're a part of that community. So having a really strong culture, focusing on our school values and ensuring that all our students are taught those school values.

[On-screen text: What was your journey into education?]

Darryl: I've always been educated in the western suburbs of Melbourne. I've been teaching for over 20 years, so about 22 years and I've now moved into this really exciting position, opening a new school. It's something that is rare and it's something that I'm really privileged to be able to do.

[On-screen text: What kind of leader are you?]

Darryl: I miss being a teacher a lot, but I also enjoy doing what I'm doing because I think I get to influence a lot more the way that I do things now.I like to be outside throughout the course of the day. So I'll get out before school, after school, play times, and I like to form relationships with the students and the staff. I make sure that we have a really strong wellbeing focus. Anyone who's struggling in the classroom, they have an opportunity to reset. So, go to a space where they feel safe, speak to somebody who can help them to connect with our school values again, and then return back to the classroom.

[On-screen text: What will set your school apart?]

Darryl: So when you start a new school, you have the ability to create your own culture. And that's really important because a really strong culture is really important to the development of that school to make sure that that school is headed in the right direction. So creating a growth mindset within the culture that you want to create, I think is really important. Pride is a really important part of our culture and ensuring connection. One of the things that we'll be doing as a school is ensuring that we develop pride in our students. So making sure that they feel like they're connected to the spaces and ensuring that the students feel like the school is theirs. 

[On-screen text: What are some key features of the new school?]

Darryl: The specialist spaces are fantastic. So there is a food tech room, a STEM lab, and there's also an art room. And they're all created in a particular hub, which I think is a fantastic idea. And it gives specialists an opportunity to work as a team as well. 

[On-screen text: What are you looking forward to day 1, Term 1?]

Darryl: So for me, it's about starting to build that culture from day one. So getting out there, speaking to students, getting to know people, getting to know their names. So day one, term one, I'll be out front and centre meeting people at the front gate, speaking to students as they come in, visiting the classrooms. I can remember taking both of my daughters to school for the first time. It's such a proud moment for a parent as well. You don't really want to leave, but you also know that you have to. It's such a special day when you take your child to school for the first time and hopefully when we establish things at our school, our preps will feel like they're really, you know, welcome and part of the school straight away.

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[On-screen text: 100 new schools] 

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[On-screen text: Authorised by The Victorian School Building Authority
33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne] 

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Reviewed 10 August 2022