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Quarters Primary School | Introducing Liz Davey

[up-beat music plays throughout] 

We see a woman laughing and talking to someone off-camera. 

[On-screen text: Meet your new principal] 

[On-screen text: Introducing Liz Davey, Quarters Primary School] 

Liz Davey: Hi, I'm Liz Davey and I'm the principal of Quarters Primary School.

[On-screen text: What was your journey into education?]

Liz: I've been in education for over 30 years, and during that time I have been in the classroom as a specialist teacher and then through to assistant principal and previously a principal and now principal of a brand-new school. Having that opportunity to take the time to step back a little bit, reset, look at what I stand for as an educator and bring it all together. It's just an amazing adventure to be able to be the foundation principal of a brand new school. 

[On-screen text: What does a good education look like?]

Liz: It's a happy place meeting the needs of children socially, academically, celebrating successes along the way, whether they be small or major. In the end, it's working with everybody because successful education, good education, is just not the role of the students, it's how we work with them together to make sure that their journey is successful.

[On-screen text: what will the school be known for?]

Liz: The school will promote an environment of being very safe and inclusive. We want people to feel very welcome in our environment, to come along and to have that open and transparent communication with everybody. And we want everyone to just to feel at home. 

[On-screen text: What are you looking forward to day 1, Term 1?]

Liz: I'll be at that front gate welcoming everybody and saying hello. And in return, I just want those beautiful smiles because that will make my day.

A red background appears.

[On-screen text: 100 new schools] 

The Victorian School Building Authority and Victoria State Government logos appear on a white background.

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[End transcript] 


Reviewed 26 September 2022