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Wonthaggi Secondary College | Construction update

The video is a montage of construction site footage and interviews with the speakers.

[Darren Parker, Principal, Wonthaggi Secondary College]
Our students come from across the area, and we are so pleased today with the announcement of a junior campus, of our
school occurring in a San Remo area.
This is an amazingly positive step in supporting the very lives of our young people in the area for decades to come.
It's truly a remarkable day.

The sports stadium is absolutely amazing, it's huge and it's not only great for the school and the physical ed department but also the wider community.
It's going to become home of the Wonthaggi Coasters Basketball club, and the facilities are just state-of-the-art, they're, like, awesome. I can just already see it full of students and it's honestly gonna be so amazing for the community.

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Reviewed 28 October 2022