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Mahogany Rise Primary School - Lunch Program

I have to say my favourite food is either lasagne or spaghetti bolognese.

My favourite food is tacos because the shell is crunchy and the inside is soft

My favourite food is fried rice.

My favourite food is tuna casserole.

[John Cully, Principal, Mahogany Rise Primary School]
We’ve got a really exciting project happening at Mahogany Rise Primary School today. We’re opening our brand new kitchen. From today onwards, parents don’t have to worry about providing food, and the students will be getting a healthy meal each day.
The funding has been really critical in having this project get off the ground. We did some research and that showed the students were eating a large amount of unhealthy foods. So we though, how can we make it a really positive intervention.
What we’re hoping in the classroom is that students will be eating healthy foods and so therefore expecting that the student’s concentration levels will improve. Hopefully what we’ll be able to do it to teach the students about healthy eating. They’ll also get to participate in the kitchen garden program. Things that they grow will end up on their plate. It’s also about sustainability. We will have much more recycling and so much less rubbish. So there’s a whole lot of spin offs.

[Melissa Wilson, Cook, Mahogany Rise Primary School]
I think it’s a fantastic idea for all schools. I think the students are very lucky to have this program at this school. They’re gonna benefit greatly from it. Their parents will benefit.

[John Cully, Principal, Mahogany Rise Primary School]
This is the education state working at a really creative level. And I think it’s going to make a huge impact.

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Reviewed 07 November 2022