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Inside Wollert Secondary College

[Upbeat music begins and plays throughout the video]

[on-screen text: Amelia, student]

[we see Amelia smiling and looking at the camera]

Amelia: Hello, my name is Amelia. 

[on-screen text: Jack, student]

[we see Jack smiling and looking at the camera]

Jack: Hi, I'm Jack.

[on-screen text: Wollert Secondary College, Opening Term 1 2023]

[Panning shots of Amelia and Jack walking into the school building and past a colourful wall display that reads ‘Every face has a place’]

Amelia: The best thing about starting in a brand new school is to be the first students there.

[The camera follows Amelia and Jack into a breakout room with magenta furnishing. They sit at a table]

Jack: My favourite subjects are sports and history, and I'm looking forward to learning more maths.

[Panning shots of Amelia and Jack using the breakout room space]

[Panning shots of Amelia and Jack walking outside in front of a large tree, then along a covered walkway]

Amelia: There's room outside and inside to do sports, and our classrooms are in these learning neighbourhoods.

[The camera follows Amelia and Jack into a building. They put their school bags into lockers, peek into a classroom, and walk down a large hallway]

[The scene shifts to a food technology classroom with green benches and stainless steel countertops. Amelia and Jack walk through the room]

Amelia: I'm looking forward to food tech, there's a lot of space to do it.

[The camera pans across Amelia and Jack reading on a tiered seating area, a large tree visible out of the window]

[The scene shifts, and we see Amelia and Jack walk into a large open room with wooden floorboards and magenta curtains along the walls]

Amelia: I'm excited for our first day at our new school. 

[The camera pans across Amelia and Jack reading in a reading nook with bench seats and tables]

[We see an outdoor shot of the school sign, which reads ‘Wollert Secondary College’]

Amelia and Jack [in unison]: Welcome to Wollert Secondary College.

A white background appears with the VSBA and Victoria State Government logos. 

[On-screen text:

A black background appears and white text appears. 

[On-screen text: Authorised by The Victorian School Building Authority, 33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne]

[Transcript ends]

Reviewed 30 January 2023