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Molesworth Street Kindergarten

North Melbourne 3051

Kindergarten on a School Site

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    Q1 2023

The above dates are forecast only and subject to change.

About the project

We're building a kindergarten. It will be located on level five of the new North Melbourne Primary School — Molesworth Street Campus once the building is operational, for the start of Term 2, 2023.

For Term 1, 2023 Molesworth Street Kindergarten will operate from North Melbourne Primary School’s Errol Street Campus, subject to regulatory approval. The kindergarten space is being adapted to suit the needs of the kindergarten children. Access to an outdoor play area that is separate to the primary school playground will be available.

When the new building at Molesworth Street is complete, the kindergarten will have 2 teaching rooms and offer 66 places for local children. The kindergarten will also feature outdoor learning areas and play spaces, as well as a kitchen and laundry.

Having the kindergarten and school together may help local children make a smooth transition from pre-school and can also make drop-off time simpler for some families. This kindergarten will be open in 2023.


In the 2019–20 State Budget, this project shared in the $283 million allocated over 4 years to deliver modular kindergarten facilities and kinders on school sites.

Funding type
Kindergarten on a School Site
  • For all enrolment enquiries please email the provider, Northern Schools Early Years Cluster, at or phone them on 9306 1662.

  • This kindergarten will offer 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten programs. All programs are for 15 hours per week.

    Long day care will not be available. Kindergarten session times will be Tuesday and Wednesdays from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

    For more information about the programs offered and service operating hours please email the provider, Northern Schools Early Years Cluster, at or phone them on 9306 1662.

  • Term 1 2023 at Molesworth Street Kindergarten will begin on Wednesday 1 February 2023.

  • The kindergarten will operate from an interim site at the existing Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) space at the North Melbourne Primary School’s Errol Street campus during Term 1, 2023 while works are completed at the permanent location, subject to regulatory approval.

    The department is arranging for the OSHC space to be adapted and fit out to ensure it is appropriate for kindergarten use, and for dedicated outdoor play areas for kindergarten children during Term 1. The department will also reinstate the spaces for ongoing use for the school once the permanent kindergarten facility opens.

  • The kindergarten will operate from an interim site at North Melbourne Primary School’s Errol Street campus during Term 1, 2023 (subject to regulatory approval) while works are completed at the permanent location. When the kindergarten relocates to its permanent site, the OSHC space will be reinstated.

  • Yes, Molesworth Street Kindergarten’s 3- and 4-year-old programs will be free for families.

    Learn more about free kindergarten for children in VictoriaExternal Link .

  • The kindergarten is on the top floor of the new campus and includes purpose-built interior and exterior play areas.

    There will be a 2.8-metre-high fence around the exterior areas to keep children safe. This is one metre higher than required by our Building Quality Standards Handbook. There will be landscaped mounds across the play space, however, these will be a safe distance from the boundary and no more than 80cm high.

  • Yes. The kindergarten covers the entire fifth level of the new campus. This means that kindergarten children and primary school students can play safely in their own, custom-built, age-appropriate areas.

    There may be future opportunities for combined activities across the primary school and kindergarten. However, these would be at the discretion of the school principal and kindergarten provider. Parental permission would be sought for any cross-educational activities.

  • During 2023, kindergarten and community users can access the kindergarten via the Molesworth Street entrance. We will also be completing a dedicated laneway entrance on the lower ground level along the southern boundary of the campus.

    Families will get to the kindergarten using 2 access-controlled elevators. This means that only the kindergarten community will be able to access the kindergarten floor.

    We will also install CCTV cameras in the lifts and 2 fire escape staircases to provide extra safety and security.

  • The City of Melbourne is responsible for traffic and street parking. We have submitted a traffic proposal to the council that considers student pick-up, drop-off, accessible parking, and staff parking requirements.

    The campus will also offer a choice of ways to enter and exit the campus. This includes 6 entrances, bicycle parking and a covered public meeting space. The campus is also easily accessible public transport.

Reviewed 12 December 2022

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